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NANF condemns Globacom’s illegal seizure of NFLL secretariat

Dr. Mike Adenuga chairman of Globacom Nigeria Limited…swims in another football controversy

*Berates Isaac Danladi Club Owners Association over the building

*This is a fraudulent assault on Nigerian football

By Oluwole Francis

Harrison Jalla, President of the National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF), has condemned the action of the Globacon Nigeria Limited, in embarking on the seizure of the secretariat of the Nigeria Football League Limited (NFLL) in Karaye Street, Garki-Abuja.

Speaking to www.gongnews.net from his Lagos base, Jalla said, “this is sad, unacceptable and irresponsible of an organisation that is owing the league over N1billion to because of about N128million it is being owed by the league to go and get court orders and fife the building.

According to the former Flash Flamingoes of Benin defender, “they forced the NFLL staffers out and used court officials to take over the building. The story surrounding the loan is enough corporate embarrassment for Globacom. It would be recalled that it was Guaranty Trust Bank that gave N100million to the League under Chief Oyuii Obaseki.”

The same Globacom agreed to fund the league as a sponsor from 2006 to 2010. They paid for only three years. When the fourth year wasn’t going to come, it led to their being dragged to the court where the league got a judgement worth N998million.

In addition, Globacom made the NFLL to get a loan of N100million to pay off GTB from Equatorial Trust Bank, a sister company belonging to the same Globacom. That bank is today Sterling Bank Plc. That N100m is now N128m.

Nigerians should also note that the late Shehu Gusau, Tunji Babalola and a handful of others went to collect gratification worth about N350million from Globacom to compromise that monumental judgement that showed that the telecommunication company is not a good partner for football development.

Beyond all these, we had approached the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in 2013 and also in 2016. With the 10% interest rate granted by the judgement against it plus the N350million gratification she gave some football officials, what Globacom is owing the league is in excess of N1billion. Why should she then use fraudulent means to seize the league’s property for N128million? This is very sad. Its like stabbing Nigerian football.

Jalla was so peeved with the Club Owners Association under the leadership of Isaac Danladi. We had approached the EFCC and got N244million from broadcast sponsors. Part of the money was supposed to have been used to defray the cost of the loan owed Globacom and her partner bank.

Why and how the Club Owners Association did not use that money for that purpose remains a mystery to NANF. We initiated the moves, got the money and safely delivered it to their account. Whatever, we shall not relent in retrieving that building back. It belongs to Nigerian football, in addition, we shall re-pursue what Globacom is owing the league. It is our money and it must be seen to have been collected in accordance to the court order.

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