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We need a new generation of leders – Mitchel Obi

*Urges Fred Edoreh on Presidency of Nigeria

Leader of the Africa body of sports journalists, Mitchel Obi, has urged Mr. Fred Edoreh not to look back on his aspiration to emerge as the President of Nigeria by mobilising the mass of the people to bring the circus of political deceit and underdevelopment affecting the nation to a permanent stop.

Obi made  the call from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, where he is covering the Asia Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

He said he had been saddened by the situation in Nigeria but is lifted up by the prospect of a sports journalist leading the mobilisation for a break from the ugly past. We need a new generation of leaders.

Obi wrote: “If you happen to visit Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, my chairman, you would shed tears for our beloved country, Nigeria.

“Your message seeking support came at the exact time when I was ruminating on why, where and how we got it all wrong to betray the splendid dream of our Independence engineers.

“With the same resources of gas and gasoline, a leadership, out of hopelessness and a deep heritage of battle scars, gingerly built up a city which only a dream mind can envisage. With 5 billion dollars the leadership here put on an Olympic Village which is simply a marvel and built a city that conjures glimpses of a paradise with human phase.

“As I write, it is with pain that in my time we may never get to where this country surrounded by warring neighbours have cultivated a garden fit only for a dream night of honeymoon. No exaggeration.

“I have travelled the world like a small knight in a tournament and I dare say doing the little things right like it is here exalts a nation.

“One may not fancy the politics or the high security checks but remember no one buys or get gold and keep it for the pigs.

“We must do something about our nation and our sporting culture must be alive to provide a cutting edge for the establishment of development goals and their sustainability.

“Frantz Fanon could not have captured it better…every generation must discover its mission and either fulfill it or betray it.”

Edoreh, is the sitting chairman of Lagos SWAN who as a result of the current political re-engineering of the nation has opted to bid to campaign for the nation’s toughest job, the President. He had launched several philosophical structures to convince his friends, associates and neighbours that every young Nigerian is capable of becoming a dream they can imagine.

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