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NFF is worse than Libyan slave camp

*Cheats U-20 Falconets officials serially in millions

By Olajide Fashikun

As Nigeria’s Falconets take their South African counterpart on inside the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium in Benin-City, there are chances that the coaches of the team like their backroom staffers would be cursing the officials of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for agreeing to serve their fatherland. Their situation inside the national team is certainly worse than what obtains in the modern slavery camp in Libya.

Investigations conducted by www.gongnews.net showed the terrible state of affairs in the national team. Readers would realise that for so long a time, we decided to shield off all the dirty dealings inside the Glass House. This one is too outrageous to be shielded. That informed why we broke our gauged silence. Nigerians must know. The national team belongs to us. The NFF are only caretakers helping us to manage it.

Our cue? We eavesdropped a coach lament on a private conversation: “our travelling allowance supposed to be $1500 for away matches but they only give us $450 USD for the two matches against Morocco and Tanzania. Each of the coaches lost $1,050!

“South Africa, the team we went to humiliate at home 0-2 for which the nation celebrated, the saddest part is that nothing was paid to us.” Monkey dey work but baboon dey chop!

A double check proved that the coach was very right. We got more. It is saddening that an upwardly mobile, suave talking and CAF Executive Member like Amaju Pinnick presides over this state of affairs in our football? Hope, certainly must be an orphan.

Implications: No reasonable person will want to serve the nation with their hearts given what these coaches and their backroom staffers are facing. Two, if and when the coaches start to collect bribes from prospective players, the media (which is not known to dig any issue deep) will only accuse the coaches as greedy forgetting that they have families and pick bills. Did the coaches and such staffers sign to work for Salvation Army as charity workers?

Policy of no match bonuses: The NFF came up with a new policy not to pay cadet national teams match bonuses and allowances. Is the U-20 a cadet team too? They have not earned match bonuses and allowances despite their excellent output. Can someone ask, when FIFA pays the NFF after the world cup qualifiers, who spends same and for what?

In the name of serving our father’s land, coaches and staffers are meant to become paupers. A reliable source told www.gongnews.net that no person who had served Nigeria as a Nigerian is not being owed salaries and allowances. Please check but this is the gospel truth.

Sadistic folks with Luciferic decisions: At the Annual general Assembly of NFF held in Jos, the federation came up with the policy of no more match bonuses even to the home-based Super Eagles. “Our home-based team realised this when they qualified for the final of the WAFU Cup hosted by Ghana on the eve of the final. Many of them did not work hard to win because the entire $150,000 would be won and they won’t have a dime. You journalists did not see that angle. Nobody asked why the boys lost,” said an insider to the team.

Where are the allowances of the Falconets? If the team’s officials won’t get match bonuses and allowances, what is the attraction of working in the national teams? Before the coming of Amaju Pinnick, in the under 20 it was 3000 USD in away win. Today, they are not getting N1.00

Home match win was N600,000 but today, the stadium fans will just clap for them and the media reports Nigeria qualifies for France. What about the real actors? For traveling outside the country for a match, the coaches would have earned $1,500 but under Pinnick, they take home stories to their families.

Is Libya not better than working for Nigeria? Chances are that if these coaches were working in Libya, the home of modern slavery, they would have been really better off. How can the NFF engage coaches without giving them contract papers? The coaches don’t even know their salary. They have worked for five months now nothing as salary! Yes, that is the utmost truth. No salaries, no match winning bonuses, no qualifying bonus. Is this not worse than the setting the world raised eye brows over in Libya?

We can report with authority that for the period of four months the team were in camp, the coaches were paid about N50,000 as camp allowance!

What the team will be missing: With the Alhaji Aminu Maigari administration, the team would have been earning the following which Amaju Pinnick WILL NOT pay. Given the last leg game being played today, they would have gotten Winning bonus per the away and home game 3, 000 USD x 2 legs = 6,000 USD.

Given that they drew the away game in Morocco, each of them would have earned 1, 500 USD. Added to their home win, they would have gotten 7, 000 USD

Traveling allowance is 1,500.00 USD per trip. The team had travelled to three countries (Tanzania, Morocco and South Africa). They got 425 USD. They would have earned 4, 075 USD.

In all, each of the coaches for instance the Chief Coach, Christopher Danjuma has lost 11,175 USD. In local currency, he should have earned N4million!

Since match bonus at home is N600,000 with the team having played three matches including today’s against South Africa, Danjuma should have earned N1.8million.

This is the modern slavery camp inside Nigeria. Who will save this madness from going on?

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