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NHIS versus the Senate: Another shot in the wrong direction

*Account of a scared insider

Professor Usman Yusuf was appointed by President Buhari to not only manage the affairs of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) as a public servant but to also rid it of all sort of corrupt practices. He is to also reposition the agency to align with his agenda to build for Nigerians a functional healthcare system.

What we have seen so far from Professor Usman Yusuf is like an agenda of self enrichment and abuse of public trust and due process. Professor Usman Yusuf may have succeeded in turning NHIS into a personal business empire where he is alleged to abuse procurement processes and award of contracts without due process to personal friends and self aggrandisement.

The invitation of Professor Usman Yusuf by the Senate is indeed a welcome development. The Senate checks is needed for the Professor to answer to these allegations of corruption and abuse of his executive powers.

The monumental fraud going on in NHIS is unprecedented, it has never happened in the history of the agency, said an internal source in the organisation.

Professor Usman Yusuf have been trying to use the media to deceive Nigerians and put on a false narrative about his person and the way he has been running the agency, but to those that are in the know of his activities in NHIS, he has been nothing but the opposite of President Buhari’s Change agenda.

If truly Professor Usman Yusuf believes he is indeed what he has been claiming to be, there are few questions the Nigerian Senate should ask him.

What are the processes of selecting consultants in NHIS? And how did they arrived at selecting AMA consultants? AMA Consultants is a firm owned by his best friend and the de facto Executive Secretary of NHIS in the person of Mahdi, the owner of Dialogue group of companies in Kaduna.

The truth is, Mahdi has been the one running the affairs of NHIS in reality, when the Professor was appointed, Mahdi laid the ground works to the running of the agency by buying a house for the Professor in Kaduna and gifting him the sum of 50 million Naira so he can have him on his palms to be doing his biddings.

The level of fraud going on in NHIS at the moment, is not only contrary to the ideals of president Buhari but will also put NHIS in a path to perdition and failure.

Bulus Maiyaki, the head of procurement was brought on secondment by Professor Usman Yusuf, on the orders of Mahdi. Bulus who has history of alleged corruption when he was commissioner in Taraba State.

We all know that insurance is based on percentage of insurance, but in the case of awarding contract, why did they have flat rate of all the national HMOs?

Here is another question for Professor Usman Yusuf, the tertiary institution intervention project, was it done through government allocation or NHIS funds?

These are questions begging for answers, the Senate should not only question Professor Usman Yusuf but should also invite EFCC to carry out thorough investigation and forensic analysis of NHIS funds since Professor Usman Yusuf took over the mantle of leadership, who is fooling who?

The truth is, Professor Usman Yusuf’s actions and dealings in NHIS have been nothing short of that of a criminal.
Of the 15 people on secondment in NHIS, 13 of them are Mahdi’s stooges. Mr Vincent who is head of insurance is Mahdi’s stooge, they connived with Mr Vincent to award the lead insurance project to Guinea Insurance, a company that was not qualified and was disqualified from procurement, but since it is owned by Mahdi, the de facto Executive Secretary, Professor Usman Yusuf had no choice but to award the contract to the company.

Despite the directives of the Honourable Minister of Health that all the seconded staffers should go back to where they are coming from, Professor Usman Yusuf ignored the order from above and went ahead and had a tenders’ board meeting with the heads of Procurement, Legal, Media and ICT and two of the old General Managers: Idris Muhammad and Yusuf Fatika, who happens to be a General Manager but cannot write a sound memo just because he is from the super de facto Executive Secretary Mahdi, the man that control the dealings in NHIS.

These contracts were approved and letters were issued so that those money will not be returned to government coffers, that is the instruction given to Bulus Maiyaki, the head of procurement, a man who is known to be a first class untoward person. The Executive Secretary is even worse for appointing him to do his biddings.

For sanity to return to NHIS, Professor Usman Yusuf needs to be shown the way out, else Nigerians are just getting swindled day in day out. He has betrayed the trust of the President in him by appointing him, instead, it’s his own personal agenda he has been pursuing. This should act as a petition, all the accounts here are a first hand accounts of the happenings in NHIS.

This material was agreed to be published in cognito before it was released.


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