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NNRA employs PICA to cover employment of 38 ‘ghost’ workers

*To cover infractions of Appropriation Acts

*DG at CCB for six hours of drilling

As part of the ongoing investigation of the Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NNRA) by www.gongnews.net we can report to you that this organisation July 2017 employed 38 workers. None of them has been paid a dime. They had been working on credit. Question is, why must a government agency employ people and don’t pay?

Documents available to this newspaper shows that the supervising Ministry gave a cautionary approval to the Agency to ensure that they have budgetary and other provisions before embarking on the employment. There were two sets of illegal employment in the organisation to cover monies spent.

The Director General, Prof Lawrence Dim, must have been using the employment of people whose relevance to the organisation are highly nauseating. Their qualification are suspect. Many of the employment were given out as gratification to some big people in the government who can help them cover the fraud if it exposes.

For three budget years, the infractions have been on. In order t cover the latest one, the Presidential Initiative on Continuous Auditing (PICA) this February visited the Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NNRA) wherein the agency having employed staffers without due process to cover up budgetary and Appropriation Act’s approval employed 38 persons since July 2017 who have not been paid till date.

Under normal circumstances, the provisions for employment were supposed to have been planned and budgeted for in the Appropriation of a previous year. In this instance, there were no such provisions. On all three instances, the letter from the supervising Ministry of Petroleum Resources warned the Agency to be sure of such approvals before engaging such staffers. The Agency shunned the Ministry and employed again.

When PICA visited the Agency this February, arrangements were concluded to add the 38 persons so illegally employed to the pay roll. May be, this was how the previous two sets of employment were cleared and captured in the pay roll. These are without recourse to budgetary provisions. This latest one incumbent upon the Budget Office having earlier refused to capture the 38 names.

Under what conditions did the PICA team agreed to breach the laws of the land? There are assumptions that the team may have been induced. Rather than protect the government decided to protect the Agency!

By provisions of the rule, PICA was meant to help monitor expenditure profile of government. The whistle blowing function by designation is supposed to be with them.

PICA staffers, sources squealed to www.gongnews.net are meant to visit the zonal offices of NNRA to verify the 38 staffers. Question is, a team (no matter the number visiting zonal offices to verify 38 staffers in equal to financial mismanagement whereas, it would have been cheaper bringing the 38 staffers to Abuja to be so verified).

Whereas, all PICA should have been interested in is whether or not there was financial approval for the recruitment or not.

One salient issue and professional question is, what is the role of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation in all of these scandal? How come there is no alarm system therefrom on this agency. Are they in cahoots too? If this office and PICA failed in their respective duties, then, NNRA, like all other MDAs would have been making a complete mess of the National Assembly and the Appropriation processes. No wonder, the Senate’s inkling for a proper 2018 budget defence becomes a whistle blowing trigger.

Meanwhile, Prof Lawrence Dim was drilled for about six hours on Friday at the Code of Conduct Bureau. He came with a catalogue of documents and files. His lieutenant simply named Maduka is expected to appear on Monday while about five other persons were lined up for other days.

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