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Offa: Only youths can lift our nation up

*Leave chatting community for solving social problems

Ancient Yoruba city of Offa had a cerebral presentation where the audience were told that for any community anywhere in the world to grow, her youth population must be in the driver’s seat propelling leadership qualities, employing their energies, guided in the values that will make them icons and pride of the growing population otherwise such nations will wallow in underdevelopment, poverty and squalor.

Alhaji Yusuf Babatunde Odidere, Media consultant to the Olofa with Mr Muideen Ibrahim...at the lecture
Alhaji Yusuf Babatunde Odidere, Media consultant to the Olofa with Mr Muideen Ibrahim…at the lecture

A Lagos-based consultant, Mr Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim, spoke as a guest at the closing ceremony and prize giving day of the 2017 Offa Students’ Union (OSU) national headquarters’ summer school held on last weekend at Olofa’s palace, Offa.

Mr Ibrahim rallied support “for this present Executive members. They have really done marvellously well. To me I give them a pass mark because they really achieved a lot with limited resources. Some of the programmes they have done include: free summer school, vocational training, computer training, career talk, motivational talk, symposium, inter house sports competition, cultural festival and excursion to Omigreen amongst others.”

He asserted that “Offa youths are the leaders of tomorrow. Citing Swami Vivekananda, an Indian who said that “time of young age is not for wasting by making chatting community but youths should make community for solving social problems.”

He advised the youths present, “stop wasting your invaluable time and channel your energy to productive ventures that can lead to the monumental development of Offa within the shortest possible time. This is indeed possible and it can be done!

“Youths are parts of the community hence they have a laudable role to play within the community. Youths have the power to generate new idea to solve challenges of the society. They also have the energy but the use of the energy must be productive in order to make it very meaningful.

“I urge you all to shun social vices but come together and generate solutions to all the challenges (Socially, Educationally, Environmentally, Culturally, ICT and otherwise) confronting Offa town.

The former National President of the Union in 1992 charged his audience to “get involved in community development, join a youth organisation and contribute your own quota no matter how small to this great community. Do not think of what you can gain from Offa but think of what you can contribute to the development of Offa in order to take the town to the next level.

Other notable role all of you can play are: enlightenment programmes on various areas, free health care programme for the aged and the toddlers, mentoring of the younger ones, leadership series, farming and enhancement of our values system/cultural values that are now eroded by modernisation, ‘copy cat’ attitude and /or colonial mentality.”

L to R: Alhaji Babatunde Odidere, Mr Muideen Ibrahim and Mrs Atinuke Marcarthy, the National Secretary of Offa Descendants Union (ODU)
L to R: Alhaji Babatunde Odidere, Mr Muideen Ibrahim and Mrs Atinuke Marcarthy, the National Secretary of Offa Descendants Union (ODU)

For the teeming youths to play their parts very well within the community, they need to set high aims for the development of the community. You all can develop the skills of making good community. I will delve more on the skills later.

As you youth, let your minds able to create social impact structures like Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, WhatsApp etc Invent things (e.g. the drone guy from Lautech); Be focused and engage in meaningful ventures etc

Ibrahim who is a Lagos-based consultant admonished every youth in the nation that they owe their communities seven duties which include set and achieve goals; Innovate; Solve problems/challenges and make decisions; Set priorities and be focused on key tasks; Be a role model to others; Persuade, inspire and motivate others to follow you; Perform and get results.

According to the community leader, “I want you to change your thinking, change your life, dream big dreams, read motivational books (read at least a book in one week), take charge of your life, commit yourself to excellence, put people first, think like a genius, super charge your thinking and create your own future.”

For any youth to be able to achieve these values I raised, then you must run on the following tracks: have vision like an Eagle, have courage, be guided by integrity, be humble, have foresight, be focused, cooperate with good people and at all times, have

self confidence and lastly, develop core competencies (effective communication, inter personal relationship skills, positive mental attitude, marketing, negotiation and assertiveness amongst others).

Nothing is impossible, only if you have faith. The things you can do for Offa in order to take our dear town to the next level are: sports development, ict, engineering wizardry, SMEs, crafts, entertainment, book writing, community service programmes, cleaning of the major streets or roads, construction, community policing, adult education, leadership series etc.

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