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Pension: Who wants Saint Magu killed?

*God, let enemies buy houses in my name too

When you fight corruption, it will fight you back. So is the axiom in this industry. Truth is, who wants the only saint in the Nigerian anti-corruption industry, Ibrahim Mustapha Magu dead? Why? Nigerians should ask.

I need someone to help me get one of the best tracks of the Chief Priest, Olufela Anikulapo-Kuti titled “roforofo fight.” I sincerely think this is what all these is grinding to.

Are there no more elders with wisdom again in Borno state? That state has never had it so good like they do under the present Muhammadu Buhari administration. Two of their leading young stars: Abdulrasheed Maina and Ibrahim Mustapha Magu are doing the ‘roforofo fight’ and no one wants to share in the roforofo to stop them.

For me, that Police Sergeant who was killed in the farm house belonging to Mr Magu in Karshi is my pain. It has been established that the Directorate of State Security Service (DSS) were the team that went to the farm based on some intelligence reports.

Why is the DSS interested in the crops that the EFCC farmer has? The crops are too important for him to have allocated a Sergeant, a senior personnel, to guard. Now, that the Sergeant died on legal duty, because he was posted there by order, his family pains grows.

One question the DSS did not answer or tell Nigerians is, are the crops in question locked in a cellar or larder that they could not access? After killing a human being, where is the major reason for the farm invasion? Or did they just go to kill the Sergeant and leave?

Chai! Heartless people. Nigerians? Kai! They were asking if the farm in question was an official EFCC premise that must be guarded by a whole Sergeant. Let us mourn the dead, please. I am not interested in such questions you are asking now.

Some of Magu’s enemies who were buying houses in his name have failed. They even mentioned that he has a premise in The Gambia. They even brought out the picture of one in South Africa. Why can’t they buy such houses in my name and wait if I won’t collect it.

This is a case of the man without a cap has a head and the one with a head has no cap. Please, may God give me such enemies. Let them buy about 10 such houses in my name and hand me the papers.

My prayers now. May all the exposures done in Saint Magu’s name not hold water in Jesus name. Imagine, a dreamlike allegation that foreign currencies are inside the bowels of a farm in Karshi? Who will believe such stories? Why did they not unearth same when the invasion was done?

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