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Political undertones ahead of 2018 NFF election

*Mathematics and permutations of the big fight

When Amaju Melvin Pinnick stepped out to vie for CAF Executive committee seat, it was alleged that a board member in the NFF worked against his interest. He won the CAF election and he swept out the old cargoes /cabals ruining the affairs of African football.

Shehu Dikko and Amaju Pinnick...going into fresh elections
Shehu Dikko and Amaju Pinnick…going into fresh elections

Amaju, a child of destiny in Nigerian football is one of the most powerful football administrators in Africa as at today and he wants to be re-elected as the NFF President come next year as the case may be. So everything coming from the NFF release on Friday is pointing to the re-election bid of Amaju and I will not blame him in anyway.

Politics is all about interest and only a foolish politician will empower or put a man to head a “juicy” committee that will not protect his interest. Why should a leader empower another man that has the tendencies to dethrone him in the schemes of power ahead of an election to head a “juicy” and strategic committee. No right thinking football administrator/politician will do that.

The Board members from the South except one man have been sleeping on bicycles, while Amaju continued in his quest to be relevant not only in Nigeria, but also in Africa and he (Amaju) is thriving and from all indication, he has a colourful future ahead of him with the support coming from the North.

Akinwunmi the loyal deputy: Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi, I call him a blessed man. He has been a tremendous support to Amaju. He is the 1st vice President of the NFF. Barrister Akinwunmi is from the South West and we all know how active he is in the present NFF. Amaju has publicly acknowledged the support of Barrister Akinwunmi.

Can I say that of Otunba Sunday Ajayi? The answer is No.  What about the duo of Chris Green and Felix Anyansi. The answer is no. Where is Barrister Akinwunmi in the schemes of Nigerian and African football? You can find his name in very relevant committees  in NFF and he is not missing on the continent.

Is Barrister Chris Green at home? Barrister Chris Green has done well as chairman, technical committee of the NFF, yet he is not the head of any committee presently. His name is also not found in any CAF Committees. Why? Please go back to my first paragraph.

Anyansi sleeping on a bicycle: Felix Anyansi Agwu, the chairman of Enyimba FC of Aba is a man I admire so much judging by his achievements. He was the former chairman of the technical committee of the NFF earlier in this dispensation, but presently he is heading Beach soccer committee. Personally, I think Anyansi deserves more, but his body language is always tilting towards the affairs of Enyimba. He can sacrifice his financial wealth for the success of Enyimba, unfortunately, I think he is sleeping on a bicycle in the NFF.

If he is not, I expect his name to be vibrating somewhere among the CAF Committees.

In total sincerity of purpose, I can boldly declare that only Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi among the Southern board members that has really demonstrated strong zeal of commitment and relevance in the NFF and the system will favour him.

Northern stars shining: The Northern board members have strong unity of purpose in the administration of football in Nigeria under the leadership of Amaju Melvin Pinnick and the Delta state born football administrator has not hidden his love for the board members from the North that supported him on his march to the CAF Executive committee.

Shehu Dikko the pillar: Not many knew the role that Mallam Shehu Dikko played in helping Amaju realise his ambition in CAF. The LMC Chairman gave Amaju all the support he needed and today, Dikko’s name is ringing in CAF and FIFA.

Ahlan and Fresh: Sharif Rabiu Inuwa ‘Ahlan’ is now the chairman of Referees Committee, while Ahmed Yusuf Fresh is the vice chairman and I heard that some football stakeholders/ southern board members are grumbling and groaning in pain with this appointment in the wilderness.

Ahmed Fresh is now the Chairman of the technical committee of the NFF. Chidi Offor Okenwa is the vice, but to some people they feel that the board members from the North are enjoying ‘juicy’ Committees.

Nothing like ‘juicy’ committees unless you have ulterior motives in administering football in Nigeria. We have some committees that makes the members very active and no need to tag the committees as ‘juicy ‘

They are complaining about unequal appointments and yet they have not been able to impact football development at the grassroots compared to Inuwa Ahlan and Ahmed Fresh. Baba Gana Kaali is the chairman of Match Commissioners Appointment Committee, you need to go to Maiduguri, Borno to see his giant strides in the development of grassroots football in the midst of insurgency in his state. Can any football stakeholder deny the contribution of Fresh in the development of football in the North Central and Ahlan in the North West?

Input and output arithmetics: How many Southern board members have organised grassroots football tournaments in the South except Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi. The other football administrator that has done that in the South recently is Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi. If you are indeed a football administrator/ politician you must be able to give back to the society in you own little way, but the reverse seem to be the case in the camp of the grumblers in the wilderness.

Politics is not for the perfect minds. It is for people with perfect strategies to continually make themselves relevant in their quest in fulfilling their interest among the various contenders or competitors. The likes of Fresh and Ahlan have simply used their influence to build a formidable stronghold in the North, not just as board members from the North, but also as football administrators that have connection with their roots and have treated people from their region with the dignity they deserve. Little wonder that they are enjoying goodwill from Amaju as reflected in the recent appointments to CAF Committees.

Amaju’s strength is northern: Let the truth be told to those who care to know. Amaju wants to break the jinx and be re-elected as the NFF President. He has done his calculations, the North is a strong factor and he needs them, not forgetting the South too, but he should not make the mistake of underrating the destructive power of a man who is drowning as he struggles to survive the harsh current and tide against him.

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