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Pray Osinbajo does not resign – Bishop Emmanuel Jatau warns

*Pope will quit his position

*16 African nations will face political turmoil this year

*APC will scatter before 2019

*30 serving governors to be found guilty of corruption

Fiery, bold and assertive Emmanuel Musa Jatau is the 
Presiding Bishop of 
Faithhill Prophetic Assembly Worldwide, Abuja. His prophecies for the July has come with the usual pin-point order. Please read and enjoy these peeps into the future.

Japan must pray against unprecedented tsunamis from 2017/2018.

Nigeria must pray against plane crash landing at the airports that will burst into flames an with no fire fighters.

Osinbajo soon to celebrate temporal victory, he should do it with care; it shall be short-lived therefore Nigerians should pray for Osinbajo; he is not really loving being president as much as he would but he will be forced. Pray he doesn’t resign like president Nixon of America. Pro-Osinbajo activists will attack whoever speaks ill of him and thereby destroying the good will Osinbajo has. They should do it with care and learn from history.

Nuclear plants around the world should be protected from sabotage, I see leakage and explosions between July 2017 till 2018.

Villa’s next occupants must be prayerful, because what we have are foreign agents and spies in the villa, occupants be careful because some staff of the villa and this foreign agent collaborators\spies will steal information, try poisoning and use it against the next occupants to destroy such an occupant not minding that they are committing state crime and treason; so the next occupants must disinfect the villa.

Journalists in Nigeria: Popular journalists in Nigeria should pray against death few days after any of them challenges the next government. There won’t be a mention of the cause of their death.

A new party will make alliance with other parties in order to govern Nigeria and share positions and bring stability in government. I see political support deal struck with extremist (Boko-Haram, IPOB, OPC, Niger Delta militants), semi fascist, political parties that operate in the north with the aim of stopping conflict and top up peace.

Travel bans in Nigeria soon by the deportation of our neighbours from neighbouring countries, they will be refused entry as well as deporting of their illegal immigrants.

Space explosion soon due to failed launch by USA, Russia, China, North Korea, pray for astronauts.

Get ready for a global cyber virus attack, it will be terrible towards the end of 2017 guide your electronic gadget and information on them;

Pope soon to speak to the Catholics and to the world, I see him crying and quitting; he will want the world to move from Saul (hating) to become Paul (caring) after he quits.

Most serving governors and senators to lose second term seats. As a result, I see suicidal moves by these politicians causing violence; they should conduct themselves not to scuttle the democracy as agents of darkness are on standby to help them suspend democratic rule for five and a half years (first military government one and a half years and the second four years), pray for D.G SSS; I see him in cusp of being fired by breaking news in the morning. Pray against being the first D.G SSS to be probed and jailed after being fired by the new president.

NIGERIAN senators towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 are seen behaving like baby bibbers (spoilt children) before their tenures end; Nigerians pray for them so they won’t be a disgrace to us who voted them.

Good news to Nigerians. Very soon, every Nigerian will have legal rights to live and work in any part of the country, stay and fight for his country, most Nigerians will find this law admirable and honorable besides politics that will still make some people visitors in domains that are not theirs;

Revolution soon due to oppressive government in the following African countries : South Africa, Cameroon, Sudan, Angola, Zimbabwe , Equatorial Guinea, Botswana, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Gabon, Togo, DR Congo, Mauritius, Eritrea. A lot of their citizens will die and their presidents forced out by God and by the people; Few of the aforementioned presidents will step down, few presidents will step aside, few presidents will be jailed , few presidents will voluntarily resign and few presidents will die on seat in 2018; Nigerians pray for these nations and their presidents because I don’t see these countries being as resilient as Nigeria.

Nigerian governors, ministers, senators should pray particularly those in PDP and APC should pray to see 2019; States like Niger, Ekiti, Kaduna, Jigawa, Katsina should pray seriously for their governors to see 2019; they have good plans for such states.

Women populist candidates worldwide to displace men from 2017 till 2021; I see people cheering for such women from nation to nation being elected as governors, senators, presidents, prime ministers who have come to expose evil in high places and rebrand their nation with policies that appeal to the citizens.

APC party to shoot themselves in the foot from now to December. Many of them will be involved in financial deals worth billions; APC cannot form government in 2019 as it won’t have more seats. APC will lose majority seats to a new party because humane leaders and progresses who are out to fight for the common people will congregate in the new party.

PDP to go into last civil war within the party; bringing to an end PDP in Nigeria, leaving the rubbles to grassroots who will take back the party from the elites who have hijacked the party for the last 16 years. The grassroots will inherit their problems.

Two–thirds of PDP and APC governors are to be investigated for fraud before the end of their tenure and they will hire lawyers to stop their indictments from state to state only six governors out of 36 will be free from fraud.

Solar energy from 2018 till 2022 shall be used to run lights in major Nigerian cities, some states will build solar farms to abandon PHCN.

Good news to Nigerian students, I see soft loans soon to be provided by the next president to be paid after graduation and save them from debts

Good news to Nigerians, Nigeria will be better off economically and financially. Though, we will still have a long way from being wealthy again like in the 70s; as Nigeria is aging it is having more health problems it might be difficult to afford the kind of treatment to fully cure it.

Nigerian civil servants; 2018 is not a good year for you. Your dilemma shall be health crisis because of your struggles with rents and food crisis which will not allow you to have enough for health purpose, pray for new health policies.

Elections: 2019 is to be characterised with voter’s fraud from state to state; Nigerians expect voter’s suppression and intimidation that will make Nigeria a laughing stock because of the 2019 elections.

Nigeria ocean pollution – expect carcass washed ashore of fishes and whales due to pollution of Nigerian waters and food in 2018.

New youthful male and female politicians will emerge for 2019 elections from state to state in different parties; this will be a crop of God sent and ordained devoted youths who are ready to help the poor, very sincere, very charismatic, powerful, rare who have come to save Nigerians states; 80% of old recycled politicians are going to be rejected in 2019 from state to state.

Retirement of justices to be on the news from July 2017 till 2018; many Nigerian justices shall wake up to personally announce their retirement, second group shall forcefully be retired by the government.

Towers and tall buildings shall be vulnerable from July 2017 till 2018 worldwide; Nigerian government should guide tall buildings in FCT and governors should guide tall buildings in their states. I see a hit on them.

Police officers and offices nationwide to be attacked and a few military barracks from July 2017 till 2018; knives and gun attacks in market in Nigeria should be prevented.

Nigerian forest and mountains must be surveilled from July 2017 till 2018 there will be attacks from state to states originating from mountains and of such states including F.C.T.

2019 President: We should pray against the suspension and change of date for the elections. Nigerians would vote for a new party leading to the fall of PDP and APC. However, we must be prayerful else we will give Nigeria an equivalent of president Trump of the USA.

Nigeria’s most honoured men and women of 2018 shall come from the entertainment industries (music, acting) and politics. Unfortunately, 90% of religious leaders will dishonor themselves in Nigeria and the world in 2018 and 3-5 of popular Nigeria pastors will depart this earthly world. Two founders will be forcefully removed; I urge the Nigerian government to listen to Guru Maharaji; He is not happy with the successive government. He has some few solutions that will be given by him to the government and which will help the government, he should not be seen totally as a nuisance.

Biafra expect faint chanting in the background soon; in my dream, I saw a large bird taking away a speaker on a podium who was speaking to a large Igbo crowd leading to mass chaos and panic. This panic instigated infighting among Igbos because it was the same igbo people who turned into the eagle and took away the speaker. A spokesperson for a mass of people from the Igbo community will soon be taken away from the stage leaving the crowd leaderless and lost until I woke up the destination of this leader was unknown; In simpler terms, I saw a large congregation of Igbo and someone was addressing them and receiving jeers from them. All of a sudden an eagle flew down and took the speaker away resulting in mass panic and controversy among the Igbos. The destination of the speaker was not seen but it happened in a city center, it was a sunny day on a dry season. Pray for the life of Kānu.

Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Iraq should pray against being hit to death by suffocation which will be as a result of a record heat index which would a 100 degrees centigrade and above.

Nigerian democracy shall decline from now till 2019 but a populist will revive it after Buhari is gone.

90% of charity homes in Nigeria would have problems soon because of illegal revenues and other illegal activities taking place within Nigerian charity homes and outside the country.

Internet post from July till December this year; Nigerians shall witness worst season of offensive posting on social media; I see the government withholding for moderation what is posted on social media and delaying post because of monitoring.

Housing developers soon to be worst enemies to Nigerians they will make Nigerians pay through their nose and through various development fees; it will cost millions of Nigerians their arms and legs to own a house.

Amazon to exploit people worldwide, anything you buy from now you shall pay high percentage of their sales; worst still advert on google soon to cost more than newspapers to be able to run the website.

People living with disabilities in Nigeria and the helpless sick to be honored by God in 2018 till 2022 through a lot of bills that will be passed by the National Assembly promoting humanness in Nigeria; meanwhile their colleagues in other nations shall protest unequal treatment in 2018 and 2019.

National health care – senators in Nigeria soon to be antagonistic to Nigerian national health care forcing states governors to provide their own health care that will not withstand the test of time; and pray against the stoning of the senators that will be the arrowheads against the implementation of health policies.

From 2017 July – 2018 I see police and air force helicopter’s circle supreme court, villa, major Nigerian prisons. Let’s pray against a situation that will hit the polity because of the arrest of militant heads, military croupiest and political actors.

Vladimir Putin of Russia – opponents of Putin shall be threatened and get killed by pro Putin activists from July 2017 till 2019. Who will take out outspoken Putin critics men, women and youths. Russians must pray for outspoken politicians and security heads their lives are in danger.

Radicalisation-Soon radicalisation in every religion shall be as a result of feeling angry with the government, isolated, needing to belong, blindness, need for empowerment, violence that can satisfy deep rage; if governments can solve this problems radicalisation would be contained.

Election date 2019. I foresee dramatic transition in Nigeria that will lead to the change of election dates.

Science and technology shall continue to be missing in Nigeria but promoted in South Africa and other African nations thereby displacing us from our positions as giants of Africa without science, industries and technologies.

The real change will happen in Nigeria after 2019; where I see the rich and the poor unite to find solution that is fair and right. An ordained Nigerian lady to be singled out in the Senate after 2019; She will be the one that will acquire for us national health insurance being a mother.

2017 July till 2018 Trump should pray against assassination attempts and anything that will make him angry and voluntarily resign as president Nixon did.

Right speech law soon to promulgated in most state Houses of Assembly to reduce hate speeches in Nigeria; particularly from now till July 2018.

From July 2017 till 2018; USA and Russia will kill more isis leaders than ever witnessed.

Boko-haram -2017 July till 2018 shall be a terminal phase for boko-haram; terrorist attacks in five different states shall be foiled making them to result to shootings at state and national assembly complex. Three governors’ convoy in northern Nigeria to be attacked by boko-haram, two big and popular churches and one big market too from July 2017 till 2018.

Prison contaminated food and water to cause epidemics in three Nigerian prisons from this July; pray for prisoners particularly in northern and eastern Nigeria prisons.

Prominent religious leaders from 2017 July till 2018 are seen making joint statement, joint prayers and solidarity, making friend across religions; the spirit of God is going to come upon church and Islamic leaders from this July leading them to preach against anti social behavior’s, hate speeches, prejudice that is capable to erupt Nigeria.

Nigerian border control– new attacks in the country to begin as a result of porous Nigerian boarders, cities that are close to boarders must be proactive. However, I see new laws being promulgated to take care of such by the new president.

Preventing Nigerian breakup– the new president of Nigeria from August/November 2017 shall prevent breakup of Nigeria and help the country stay united and stay unbiased.

Democracies shall be under threat in Nigeria and few African nations from now till October 2018; pray against uproar and military coup.

Railways from 2017 till 2030; Africans and Asians would choose travelling by rail due to global warming; excessive heat will affect air density and stop planes from flying leading to offensive flight cancellations. Pray against bombs being planted along our rail lines by insurgents.

Two Nigerian senators to make name before 2017 ending. They will be chosen to replace two rotten ones currently serving dramatically as well as one deputy governor and one speaker of the House of Assembly before 2019 elections.

New forms of elections rigging and cheating never before known in the history of Nigeria will be introduced in 2019; which will create large discrepancies in 2019 final election result, election machines will be problematic.

Immigrations from nation to nation from July 2017 till 2018 will make movements unnecessarily difficult; restricting immigrants entering from nation to nation including Nigeria because of worldwide insecurities.

How Nigerians will have free spiritual exposition on how to know the party that will form the 2019 central government among the newly registered parties; You will see the following people behind the scene in the new party Obasanjo, Lamido, Donald Duke, David Mark, Saraki and others when you see this sign that is the winning party.

Bishop Jatau predicted that, “Dasuki, Adoke, Etete, Deziani, Anyim Pius Anyim, Kuku, el Zak zaki, Olisa Metuh, Barde, Jibril, Suswam, Ifeanyi Ubah, Tompolo soon to be free people because of last minute negotiation towards election but few of them might not live long to witness the swearing-in of the new president after 2019 elections; they need to pray for long lives.

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