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Rapists, drug couriers in athletics MUST leave now

*I will name and shame them out one after the other

*AFN under FOIA to sack the two on its board

Dem plenty and it is time they should be shown the way out of the hallowed chambers of Nigerian athletics. We have to start from the current board. Child molesters, rapists, paedophiles, drug couriers. The only way is out.

I have written the board of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN). They have by law seven days minimum and 23 days maximum to reply me in writing. Some folks looked for ‘gburu’ and ‘gburu’ has decided not to go alone and decided to pull ‘igbo.’ Both ‘gburu’ and ‘igbo’ are weeds, of no use and must go.

Hon Ibrahim Gusau ...waiting for official response from your end
Hon Ibrahim Gusau …waiting for official response from your end

We shall name them. If they feel aggrieved, let them go to court. If anyone knows the hidden ones, please inbox me on dudu_dara@hotmail.com As usual, I will protect your name and will use the substance. They MUST go to hell. They should pack their bags and baggages and leave.

I am waiting for the expiration of seven days which the law permits me before making public my letter to the AFN on the drug couriers and paedophile sitting in their midst. I had demanded a panel to investigate my claims against the duo. Two others sitting on the board will follow me to NAPTIP where we shall settle ourselves.

I am used to fighting. It is my way. Five times I was suspended by the Amateur Athletics Association of Nigeria (AAAN) which transmuted to the AFN because I was exposing internal rots in the sports. Each time, I will only switch to handball and football. I was also doing Volleyball and basketball by the side and very well too.


We must name evils of the dead

Coach Erin’s deeds come alive on social media

Hon Olamide George...Gusau's Vice President dancing 'kokoma' in the marketplace
Hon Olamide George…Gusau’s Vice President dancing ‘kokoma’ in the marketplace

Why must we avoid the evils deeds of the dead? Since they won’t be hear to defend themselves? Will the victims of their evil deeds forget even if they forgive the sad impacts of their dastardly acts?

We shall revisit and record their deeds. Let those who are doing same be named and shamed out. Coaching like every profession is a calling. Coaches are like fathers. Trusted, believed, obeyed, and reverenced. When the mania in some of them who are psychotically ill decide to be probing the pants of their athletes, they have lost the sheen. The respect is out. Why must we not name them? Both dead and alive.

Let me remind Nigerians that we still have them aplenty. We have some even in our national teams. For the eight years of Mr Solomon Ogba, he brought them in and so close. I remember exploding and naming them. I will start from where I stopped. I swear they must all go out through the window into oblivion. They are evil.

From next week, it is a new battle. It will be battle royale. We must save this sport. We must cleanse this sport. This sport shall and must rise again.

Watch out for more details.

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One comment

  1. All this agitation is to be taking to Arbitration, it is illegal to go to Court, all wars on sport is not best won on the paged of news papers.

    My advice is for the factions to be guided by the Secretary General of the AFN through experience and resolve this issue amicably if at all they want this sport athletic to grow and as concentrate in a way that Nigeria will come back stronger as a nation to reckon with in Africa and in the entire World.

    I believe this will short the mouth of those who make values in the mist of crisis.