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Saraki CCT judgement: Why Kwarans should not dance nor cry

*Don’t perspire how to defeat Saraki in Kwara

From Charles Olufemi Folayan

I received the news like every other person the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) judgement on the former Governor of Kwara State and the Senate President of Nigeria Senator Bukola Saraki, clearing him of all charges as a result of no substantial evidence. Hmmm! Kwarans hold your breathe.

This judgement is “fantastic” from the words of David Cameroon. Its fantastic because of the time spent, evidences given and how insubstantial they were to Mallam Danladi Umar. No wonder Saraki earlier asked Danladi Umar to disqualify himself from handling the case.

Nevertheless, whichever way the case has gone, God’s judgement is the most superior. The CCT judgement has attracted reactions from various quarters especially from the Pro and Anti- Sarakis in Kwara State

One of the Saraki loyalist wrote: “Do you even know why Saraki was discharged and acquitted by the CCT? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. The failure of the prosecutor to obtain Saraki’s statement and make it part of the proof of evidence.
  2. There was no investigative report before the trial.
  3. The evidence of the first prosecution witness, Mr. Michael Wetkas, an operative of the EFCC, was unreliable.
  4. Also, evidence of the second prosecution witness, Mr. Amazi Nwachuckwu, Head of Funds Transfer Unit of the Guaranty Trust Bank. Umar noted that the witness had testified that documents relating to alleged foreign transfers by Saraki had been consumed in a fire incident, adding that there was nothing to prove the charges that were based on the documents.

CCT Chairman, Umar Danladi concluded that the evidence adduced by the prosecution, led by Mr. Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), was “so unreliable that no reasonable tribunal could convict” anyone based on it”

Sahara Reporters also wrote: “To obtain the dismissal of the charges he faced at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Senate President Bukola Saraki paid heavily in cash and in kind.

The cash payment, a whopping $2million, went to CCT Chairman, Danladi Umar.  The kind was a promise to the cabal at the Nigerian presidency to block Ibrahim Magu’s confirmation as chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

A source close to the CCT revealed to Sahara Reporters how Mr. Saraki and his lawyer, former Attorney General Kanu Agabi (SAN), had worked relentlessly since Saraki hired him with the objective of stopping the trial one way or another.

Some of the calculations were easy: Mr. Agabi had formed a close relationship with Mr. Umar whom he had hired out of Law School years ago to work in his private legal practice following his tenure as Attorney General of the Federation (AGF). Mr. Umar’s brother, Sambo Umar, also worked with Mr. Agabi during his tenure as AGF.

At a first meeting facilitated by former Governor of Bauchi state, Isa Yuguda in Abuja, Mr. Saraki reportedly offered the CCT chairman the $2million to acquit him of the false declaration charges he faced. But Mr. Saraki did not speak the words, our source said.

Instead, he showed the figure to Mr. Umar typed on his phone, fearing that if he said the figure out loud he could be recorded. Mr. Saraki, who is a very wealthy man, can conveniently afford such a sum, partly to wholesale rampaging over public funds in which he has been involved and which is at the heart of his trial. But he may also have been strengthened by his recent embezzlement of over N3.5billion in Paris Club refunds.

In another statement Sowore Omoyele of Sahara Reporter said “I started the fight against Saraki in 2005 when I stumbled upon what he bought with funds stolen from Kwarans and bank customers at SGBN. Saraki may be able to buy judgement(s) but he can’t buy justice!”

The Pro- Saraki in Kwara should not dance because their principal had been cleared by Danladi Umar, what they should be concerned with is if their principal had been cleared by God, God doesn’t need a prosecution and defence counsel to make his own judgement. He doesn’t need to consult anyone. He doesn’t need to announce a date. No amount of armed security operatives can prevent him from passing his judgement. So it’s not over for Saraki if he is truly guilt of any of those charges

For the anti-Sarakis who think their suffering will continue because Saraki was not convicted, who think his political empire will remain strong, who think they have lost the battle, I want to tell you not to cry. Its even wrong for you to think that you can’t defeat Saraki until he is convicted by the CCT.

Have you forgotten that former Kwara State Governor Mohammed Alabi Lawal was a sitting Governor when he was defeated? Have you forgotten the failed political calculations of strong men in Ondo, Ekiti, Niger, Oyo and others of recent? Have you forgotten that former President Goodluck Jonathan lost despite being an incumbent President and spent Billions. Have you forgotten Hillary Clinton of America? What I’m trying to say is that when God is ready no one, no cabal, no conspiracy, no amount of money and power can stop him, any obstacle on the way will be removed in his own way and style

You will only be defeated when you fear Saraki than you fear God, when you think he is more powerful than God, when you think his reign is above the reign of God.

What we need to do as people is to continue to make efforts and pray to God to crown our efforts, If our intentions are sincere, He will make everything happen in our favour.

We must remain committed, resilient, persistent and united. God’s time is the best.

Cry not beloved Kwarans! God’s judgement is on the way soon

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