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Senate war against President Buhari’s change agents

*These attacks are targeted at the President

From Olukayode Abayomi

There is no doubt, the calibre and quality of people working closely with any leader will eventually determine whether the vision of such a leader will be achieved or not. Here, where is the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s interests?

Is it also not clear that when the strongest and reliable allies or key officials of any leader are attacked and brought down, the leader is also finished?

In the military circle, for example, whenever, the strong base or those at the fore front of any battle are gunned down, the commandant is also finished.

This is exactly what is happening in the current President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration where some elements who are not in support of his change agenda are working day and night to gun down those he (President Buhari) is working with.

These enemies of progress, in their estimation (rightly so), when they succeed in butting out the president’s strong support base, it  will be easy to get to the president.

It is worth noting that the current efforts by Senator Misua  in mobilising his colleagues in the Senate against the  IGP is a deliberate ploy to derail and make him lose track of his current efforts to rid the country of all criminal elements.

The same tactics was deployed against the EFCC Acting chairman, Ibrahim Magu, the Nigeria Customs Service Chief-Hammid Ali and many others.  They were, and many others, are still being blackmailed in order to jeopardize the change mantra of the present administration which denied them of the criminal acts which they were used to in the past.

It is also worth noting here that the incorruptible nature of the current IGP, Ibrahim Idris, among many other of his impeccable records tends to intimidate some corrupt top police officers and their political sympathisers who are strongly hunting and pushing hard to distract the IGP by raising unsubstantiated allegations against him.

It is important such enemies of progress know that power belong to Allah and he gives to whosoever he wishes to. His wishes and time and no matter the desperation to distract IGP, they can never change the will of God.

His determination coupled with his courageous ability to curtail crime and arrest high ranking criminals and also his efforts to ensure that the right things are done within the Nigeria Police Force has earned him enemies.

For instance, that the IGP arrested and refused to release the billionaire kidnapper- Evans whose arrest is unbelievable to many in NPF and his political associates has made some big shots in the country restless, hence, they decided to go after him through all manner of allegations.

Many keen observers of the current travails of the IGP are of the opinion that his recent introduction and insistence that bail must be free in all police formations in the country, has rattled many officers of the force, hence, they allegedly join in fighting the IGP.

Another dimension as put forward by keen observers of the current situation is that the recent feat achieved by the IGP which has attracted the attention of the international community and made them have confidence in the leadership of the IGP in protecting lives and property in the country has also attracted envy and enemies to him from his detractors.

It is important to say here that change is inevitable, hence, all and sundry most embrace the  change mantra of President Muhammadu–led government that has brought succour to Nigerians and indeed the Nigeria Police Force.

Misau and his sympathisers in the Senate need to embrace change and desist from the frivolous and further blackmail on the person and character of IGP Idris and other well meaning Nigerians who strong allies of the President.

It is therefore necessary to call on well meaning Nigerians and coalition of civil society organisations to join in saying no to frivolous allegation against top officials of the President Buhari government by staging a peaceful and solidarity match against the blackmail of Nigerian Senate.


Olukayode Abayomi, public affairs analyst wrote from Abuja

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