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Senator Ahmed Lawan allegedly involved in Constituency project scandal

Senator Ahmed Lawan…will he respond to these allegations or be axed?

*Abandons water project for seven years

We followed with keen interest, the recent development regarding the change in leadership position at the National Assembly. We wish to bring to the public notice what we stumbled upon on the newly appointed Senate Leader, Sen. Ahmed Lawan.

Nigerians can vividly recall that Citizens Actions to Take Back Nigeria (CATBAN) recently visited Yobe State for a facts finding mission in respect to the ongoing corruption matter related to project execution under the Presidential Initiative on North East.

Budget documents showing how monies were taken for the same subject yearly

When our team was on the way to inspect project sites in some parts of Nguru water channels known as Marma Channels, we came across a giant Sign Post with inscription, “FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. CLIENT: FEDERAL MINISTRY OF WATER RESOURCES. OLD FED. SECRETARIAT. AREA 1, P.M.B 159, GARKI. ABUJA. CONSULTANT PROJECT: CONSTRUCTION OF MARAWAJI FLOW CONTROL STRUCTURES AND YOBE STATES. CONTRACTOR: DOLIZ BROW NIG.

The sign board that exposed Senator Ahmed Lawan


This sign post appeared old, indicating the years which it was erected. Our team picked interest on the inscription and decided to stop for enquiry.

We were told that the sign post was fixed in the year 2010 by a contractor known as DOLIZ BROWN in company of Senator Ahmed Lawan’s aides but ever since then, the project was abandoned.

Going through the past budgets and some documents in government archives, we came across information that clearly pointed out that the contract titled, “CONSTRUCTION OF MARAWAJI FLOW CONTROL STRUCTURES” was awarded to DOLBIZ BROWN IN NOVEMBER 2010 FOR 36 MONTHS WITH A CONTRACT PRICE OF N229,714,513.00.

It was clearly stated that the objectives of the contract was to “control and diversion of flood to reclaim lands for agricultural use” we felt this project is so important that can be abandoned.

The most disturbing aspect of the findings is that the Senator used his influence to ensure that the entire money of the project was domiciled into the account of Federal Ministry of Water Resources which it was believed to have been paid the contractor. Further findings revealed that the contractor only went to the site to erect sign post and made attempt to clear the access road to the project location. For doing just that, he first made a claim of 15% and later connived with the Senator to get paid on the job that was never executed.

In view of the above, CATBAN is hereby making the following demands:

  • Senator Ahmed Lawan must make his explanation public on why a constituency project under the Yobe North Senatorial Zone will be abandoned for seven years.
  • Between the Contractor, the Ministry and the Senator, how the money was shared and how they have come to the conclusion to abandon the project even though, the project continued to appear on constituency projects on the annual national budget.

All of the above demands are expected to be responded within the next seven days else, we will submit a written petition to relevant authorities and demand for his resignation and his arrest.



Comrade Garba Ibrahim Wala 

For:  Citizens Actions to Take Back Nigeria (CATBAN)

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