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Sermon: I have legs to dance, no eyes to see – Ankeli

*Sets up Fund for PWDs in Faith Hill Assembly

*Not how much you have makes you rich

*PWDs are oracles of God – Jatau

By Olajide Fashikun

President Muhammadu’s Senior Special Assistant (Disability Matters), Dr Samuel Ankeli, has called on the people of Nigeria to increase their access to God, pray for the nation’s leaders, the nation and expect things to be well with them because of the special love our nation enjoys.

Bishop Emmanuel Jatau listening to Dr Ankeli preach

Speaking as a special preacher at the Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly in Abuja on Sunday, Dr Ankeli started his sermon in the church with an opening phrase that sunk and caught most of the congregants aghast. He said, “I have legs to dance, no eyes to see.”

Ankeli whose sermon was titled: Increasing your access to God said, “everyone of us is just one moment away from disability. I qualified as a medical doctor, served the nation in Ondo with sight, started lecturing and was running to be one of the youngest professors and suddenly I became blind.”

He asked the congregation, “how much do you care for people around you? It is not how much money you have, houses or cars, mansions and wives that makes you rich. It is the number of people you positively affect that makes you rich.”

Congregants listening to Dr Ankeli’s preaching

Many people exist in this world who have legs to stretch. You who have legs should learn to dance to praise God at all times. If you have ears, play music and dance all the times because you are special. If you have legs and you can’t dance to God, ask a cripple. Don’t let the issues of life rob you of the space to praise God always. Ask for mercy and grace at all times.

Every Nigerian has an obligation to pray for the President, the government and the nation. The biggest savings is your investment in other people.

He asserted, “I don’t live by sight but by faith, mercy and sacrifice. There are 25 million Nigerians with disability in Nigeria. Make your life a seed, sow the seed, water it with faith, grow it with sacrifice to others and watch God bless you. God doesn’t bless an idle person.”

Atmosphere of Love Chaplaincy…decorating Ankeli with patronship

He set up a People with Disability Fund in the Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly which I want every Nigerian to contribute to and see how we shall support people with disability. Increase your support to people with disabilities around you. Ask yourself, how many people with disability have I touched and brought smiles to their faces today?

In his comments, the host of Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly, Bishop Emmanuel Musa Jatau said, “people with disabilities are God’s oracles. There are several biblical verses that support that assertion. They, women, children and the poor are so special in the eyes of God. When you do these population good, it touches the soft palate of God’s heart. That is why you must work hard to make them happy around you.”

According to Bishop Jatau, “every Nigerian of note should support this cause. That President Muhammadu Buhari chose a blind man as his aide on disability is a mark of departure from what we have always known in the country. I assure you all, be of good cheers to them and you will see how wonderful God can be to you.”

Prince Desmond Ononuju the Commandant General of the Atmosphere of Love Chaplaincy, also decorated Dr Ankeli and some of the Deacons and Pastors of the church with Patronship.


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  1. All we need do today is give one-love to ONE and Nigeria will be a great blessed nation.
    God bless Nigeria

  2. Very touching.God please help me to be a part of this course in Jesus name.Amen.

  3. This is great May the Lord bless Dr Ankeli and give him long life,prosper him on every side.More grace for accomplishments in Jesus name amen

  4. God! I must serve you better. A blind person, after he graduated as a doctor! Next time, please announce his preaching. I want to be directly under his voice not this journalistic reportage that will take so many of the things he said away.
    The man is so brilliant.
    God will help you and us.