Sports federations elections: Confusion trails guidelines

*Will President, Vice President run from zones?

By Oluwole Francis

With the misinterpretation of the sports federations election guidelines hitting the roof top, several of the newly appointed federation secretaries had stood by the wordings and interpretations of the letters of the guidelines on how the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the federations are to be elected.

Godwin Kienka and Babatunde confusion says ministry staffers
Godwin Kienka and Babatunde Fatayi-Williams who served on ministerial reform committee…no confusion says ministry staffers

For two days, we have been inundated with this seeming confusion from stakeholders. Most of the new scribes for the federations were also helpless and confused. So, we decided to hit the streets to find a way out of these seeming logjam.

Further indepth analysis by senior members of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development gave out a different explanation and interpretation from what seems to be much held old style of electing officials of the various sports federations.

The 2017 guideline being an electoral college system, unlike its previous versions, it is absurd for Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Federations to have been stressed to go and stand election from the zones.

As it is, the total number of persons vieing to be either President and Vice President cannot and should not stand for election from any zone. They stand out. That is why the forms specifically stated persons seeking offices to identify any of the three available position they are eyeing, viz: President, Vice President and member of the board. They are expected to state so clearly in their forms.

Mrs Hauwa Kulu-Akinyemi Director Federations and Elite Athletes Department (FEAD)...may need to officially clear this confusion
Mrs Hauwa Kulu-Akinyemi Director Federations and Elite Athletes Department (FEAD)…may need to officially clear this confusion

A source from the Ministry of Sports speaking to reiterated the fact that, the President and Vice President have no business contesting in the zonal elections at all. They will fill their forms and wait for the emergence of the six board members, the institutional representatives and the state Association Chairmen. These people will form the electoral college. They are to vote for one each from the available number of candidates standing for President and Vice President in their federations.”

Three other opinions sought within the ministry agreed with this explanation. One of the opinions said, “by the time the electoral college is waiting to vote, all the other 11 members would have emerged. Only the President and Vice President will be elected in the electoral college by the delegates which will comprise of the elected Board members, the state Association chairmen and international federation members. That makes the boards of each sports federation 13 members. QED.”

The source added, “those who collected forms to vie for President and Vice President have no business contesting in the zones as board members before being elected as President or Vice. Our people are used to the old system which encourages the President and Vice to spend so much to be elected and when they get elected, go after their investments with profit.”

These are the fundamental errors we have worked out to kill. Let the board members come to Abuja with the State Association chairmen to come and elect their President and Vice. These two offices have to present their manifesto to what eventually is their Congress and the Congress in turn will as the legislative organ elect who is best in their opinion to lead their sport for the next four years. These may essentially be the gains of the Solomon Dalung era.

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