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SUNDAY SERMON: Leaping out of paralysis

*5 Ways to have a divine surprise

Acts 3:1-10

Here is an amazing story of a man who was crippled all his life and sat at the gate of the Temple begging for a living until that faithful day when God used the apostles to heal him. He was expecting some coins, but he got a life-changing miracle! He jumped up and started leaping in joy. I can imagine the surprise and the joy in his heart! God gave him a DIVINE SURPRISE! The Lord will give you a sweet surprise this week!!

This man must have envied people who walked past him every day and wished he too could walk. As days and months passed by, he must have given up hope and resorted to begging for survival. But a faithful day came in which he had an encounter that completely changed his life. All those you envied before will soon begin to envy you! You can walk like others, run like others and leap like others. This day is the day of your liberation from that crippling condition in your life!

You may have been looking at people driving their cars past you and you wonder if you can ever own one. Soon, you will be driving like others. You may have looked at people living in their own houses and wonder if that can ever happen to you. As a single you may have looked at those who are married and wonder when yours will be. Perhaps you have longed for children of your own and wonder if it will ever happen. God is about to change your story!

God is about to turn your tragedy into a divine strategy that will bring lots of people into the Kingdom. God will take what was intended to embarrass you to empower you and others.

5 Ways to have a divine surprise

  1. Love to be in the temple. David said, ‘I was glad when they said let us go the house of God’. This miracle happened because of the location of this man. He was not at home but in the temple. His disability did not prevent him from attending church. Mount Zion is where deliverance is. It is God’s appointed place for solution. You can have a miracle anywhere in the premises of the POWER HOUSE. Keep coming and your day of encounter will come. Those who stay away from church lose out.
  2. Pay attention to the right person. Pay attention to those who lift you. Most people pay attention to their TV, newspapers, rumours and listen to the wrong persons and wonder why things are not happening in their lives. Do not pay attention to people who speak about your problem and criticize you; pay attention to those who speak solution to your problem. Pay attention to those who speak the Word of God into your destiny. Pay attention to the prophet ordained for you. Pay attention to the wise and anointed. If you pay attention to the wise and anointed long enough, you will command the attention of others. You will command respect, success and wealth if you pay attention to the commands of God. Pay attention to the preacher or prophet in the house. Pay attention to Jesus. Pay attention to the word of God. Meditate on it day and night. Pay attention to spiritual principles and people and you will never fail.
  3. Expect to receive. Expectation is a powerful force that draws your miracle to you. Expectation positions you to receive. Expect to win. Expect to make it. Expect to be healed. Expect to receive your miracle. Expect to be married to the right person. Expect to succeed.
  4. Believe you can make it. All things are possible to him that believes. Blessings are either coming towards you or pass you. It takes faith to make them your own.
  5. Take A Leap of Faith. Faith is the spiritual force that brings your miracle into your life and the proof of faith is obedience. It is the step you take based on your belief that makes things happen. Every miracle is traceable to a step of obedience. Naaman dipped himself seven times in River Jordan; his leprosy disappeared. They obeyed the instruction to fill the water pots with water and they got wine. The widow made her last meal for the prophet and the source began to multiply. The blind man was asked by Jesus to wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam; his sight was restored. You are one instruction away from your breakthrough. You are one instruction away from your miracle. God will always prompt you to take a step each time you have a need. What you do with this prompting determines what God will do next.

Consequently, every deprivation, loss or failure is traceable to an act of disobedience. Adam lost the Garden of Eden and all its comfort because he ate of the fruit God told him not to. Saul lost his throne because he failed to completely destroy the Amalekites as instructed by God. Absalom died young because he failed to honour his father David. Obedience is what separates you from tragedy.

Find out what is required to overcome paralysis and start doing them. Do what you couldn’t do before. Try something new. To overcome financial paralysis, start paying your tithe faithfully and sowing seeds for every need. Get rid of unforgiveness if that is the root of your problem.

This man’s attention and obedience got him more than he expected. God gave him a divine surprise. Receive a divine surprise right now! This week God will give you more than you bargained for. God will do for you today exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think. If you expect the Lord to touch you only in one area, He will touch you in every area of your life. He will meet that need you thought was impossible. Those you envied before will begin to envy you.

This man got up leaping and dancing and praising God. I see you leaping out of poverty. I see you leaping out of that sickness and infirmity in Jesus name. The name of Jesus that worked for this man is working for you right now! In the name of Jesus, rise up from that sickness; rise up from that pit; rise up from that financial mess; rise up from that barrenness; rise up from that marital problem.

Everything that kept you down before, leaves you now, in Jesus name! You are coming out of that spiritual paralysis. You are coming out of that emotional and financial paralysis.

The Lord is set to give you fresh testimonies of his favour and generosity. His hand is open to bless you with his abundance. Stop now wherever you are; reach out by faith and collect it in Jesus name!


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