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Supporters club: Okumagba KOs Ikpea on visa racketeering

*Okumagba is fraudulent – Ikpea

In the latest controversy on the proprietorship of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, the National Chairman of one of the factions, Rev. Samuel Ikpea described the other factional chairman, Prince Vincent Okumagba, as a shame and disgrace to Delta state and Nigeria. Okumagba responded with details of visa racketeering allegations against Ikpea demanding a rebuttal if they can.

Ikpea started the latest tirade when he said Okunmagba was impeached for his fraudulent activities (which were not stated). That, he (Ikpea) was begged by the President of Nigeria Football Federation, Pinnick Amaju to revert his impeachment as not to tarnish his (Okumagba) image.

Ikpea spoke with sports journalists in Benin last weekend. He alleged Vincent Okunmagba took 177 names of unknown members of the club to Brazil embassy and claimed that the Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, gave him 90 of the list who are his political followers.

Ikpea added that Okumagba also faked 43 bank statements which was discovered, saying that “the lady he parades as secretary was arrested and detained at Interpol for three days. The case is still on going.”

“This is a man who never contested an election in the club, a man the board of trustees has publicly disclaimed on the pages of newspaper, he is still banking on Pinnick Amaju to Impersonate himself as chairman of NFSC.

“The press and Nigerians should ask him to present the certificate of registration he operates on. Nigeria football supporters club is a registered body and not affiliated to NFF and has worked with many ministers and NFF presidents in harmony and will not succumb to this present NFF in trying to promote illegality or encourage tribal sentiment in their administration.

“The sacrifice of the founding fathers and members will not spare such a person or persons. We use our time, money over the years to do what we are doing because of the passion. The club embarked on fasting and prayer before the Cameroon match, pay their way to Uyo, accommodate themselves, purchased tickets for 1, 500 and also travelled by road to Yaoundé, Cameroon with over 100 members to and fro for nine days on the road leaving our families, jobs for the development of the Nigeria qualification to world cup, and one man who never go through pains of such will want to create confusion in the club.

“My advise to Okumagba if he truly has a future and a case on his dismissal he should fight it legally than trusting on Pinnck who will not be there for ever.

On his views on Nigeria national team’s road to Russia 2018, Rev Ikpea said Super Eagles road to Russia 2018 is on the positive saying, “I can see all Nigerians are having one mind now, that Nigeria must qualify.”

He said he doesn’t see Zambian as threat or spoiler to our qualification come 7th of October. Just as we dealt with the Lions of Cameroon both home and away,  so we will plot the massive fall of Zambia.

“They will fall like the Biblical wall of Jericho for Nigeria to go to the world cup. As we have commenced in the supporters’ club the work already. Nigeria no tension, we are winning by the grace of God.

Okumagba’s response unedited: When www.gongnews.net confronted Okumagba with the allegations, he laughed so heartily saying, “those allegations are baseless. They do not appeal to common sense. How can one man fake 43 bank statements in this country? I have visas to all major countries of the world so why fake statements? I have said before that they should go to those institutions mentioned and if it is confirmed that I Vincent Okumagba is involved in any such issue, I would step down immediately and if not they should go and bury their heads in shame.

“Ikpea is a jobless man who thrives on visa racketeering. That is why as a secretary of the Supoorters Club for eight years he would never allow the protocol department to function because of his love for quick money through visa racketeering.

“Take his name to the special fraud unit of Nigeria Police you will be amazed at the number of cases against him there. You will never find a single case against me with the police anywhere in Nigeria.

Prince Vincent Okumagba added, “Rafiu Ladipo should be advised to quit honourably now that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the sports ministry have deserted him. They are merely expressing their frustration because we are miles ahead of them.”

Okumagba disclosed “we are increasing in the volume and spread of our membership daily, we have just inaugurated the Akwa Ibom state chapter, Plateau state chapter is going to be launched in three weeks time and others will follow. These are our focal points at the moment.

“They are crying now because I have spoilt their business. Supporters club is for all Nigerians the certificate they claimed to have I also have. We are in court on that and Festus Keyamo is heading our legal team.”

Answering a question posed at him, Okumagba told www.gongnews.net that Ikpea was disallowed entry to Canada and deported for human trafficking in 2015. Please ask him. Right now, his wife and children’s passports has been seized by a man Ikpea duped of N4 million promising them family visa and failed. Tell him to show you his wife’s passport if it’s a lie.”

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  1. The Supporters Club should stop washing their dirty linen in public

  2. Bunubunu Culture and Sporting Ltd

    May God bless GONG NEWS! And give GONG NEWS the strength to follow up on this particular news and Mr. Okumagba’s Challenge which reads: “… I have said before that they should go to those institutions mentioned and if it is confirmed that I Vincent Okumagba is involved in any such issue …” and the one that says “… certificate they claimed to have I also have …” fortunately the institutions involved are big enough and should have traceable addresses.

    Therefore, the readers appeal to the investigative news department of GONG NEWS is to please contact CAC Corporate Affairs Commission to find out why one organization (Nigeria Football Supporters Club) could have two certificates of incorporation (obviously one must be a fake copy). Also, the public will love CAC to make known names of the members of the Club’s board of trustees, their position on this development and who their elected National chairman is.

    There is also need for GONG NEWS to please urgently contact Brazilian Embassy with the allegation of Ikpea and challenge of Okumagba on the forged visa application documents and list of names submitted for that very application under the Club name. It is necessary to give the Brazilian Embassy opportunity to clear their name repeatedly mentioned in this matter and also afford them the platform to put records straight.

    Finally, there is also need to contact INTERPOL office in Alagbon to get details of their investigation on the said matter to have a perfectly rounded story for us all. Once again we the concerned public are very grateful to the GONG NEWS for this your matured approach and well balanced article, we eagerly rely and wait on your high expertise and renowned journalistic reputation to give us the final, researched, and well authenticated GONG NEWS version of this news.

  3. Vincent Okumagba, his group are known for their gaint crimes and also origins of hell. I will take him up one after the other:
    1. Okumagba so called Secretary, Ms Kemi Ogunfunwa said at the interpol quarters last year that she acted on Okumagba instructions to present 177 applications. Where 90% non NFSC members applicantions and 43 fake bank statement was discovered. please to confirm Call/visit the Brazilian Consulate on Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island and the interpol quarters here in Lagos. It wouldn’t have been the club business if the NFSC name was not used by Okumagba to presented the fake documents.

    2. Okumagba is the boss of illegality that is why he lies to people that he is a oil marketer, while he is an oil bunker, when the business of oil bunkary failed gradually, he jumped into visa racketeering business where he became a big time fraud star, collecting money from the public in the name of NFSC and when the trouble comes he will run. Just like what he is doing now going to Ladipo market Mushin telling traders to come and join the club, which has never happened in the history of our club but his intent is related to the above

    3. NFSC don’t have Protocol Officer another lie from hell

    4. Mentioning Okumagba’s name only is crime itself, anywhere that name is mention you will be surprise of his criminal status even right to his home town where he can not visit during the day.

    5. Okumagba is a lair always we know him too well. Go to Interpol, Zone 2, State Command Lagos, Area C, Alakara & other police station to ask if he has any case

    6. Okumagba you don’t have members but passersby & tout as followers.

    7. Okumagba your mission is to destroy the name of our great NFSC which was founded b4 you came into this world then run to whoever to open another one. Okumagba It will not work!

    Please Mr. Olajide (gongnews) make your findings properly with original documents before posting. And again don’t forget okumagba is fraudulent so be careful of fake document as that is his speciality. Thanks