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Dstv and its demonic plan to kill Tstv

TELCOM Satellites TV (TSTV)...ogbonge

*Nigerians, this new baby must not die We must all build national unity, build all revolutionary forces, into one powerful wave to sweep away our main enemy, political imperialism and economic imperialism. Sukarno: Whatever guts and arrogance popular satellite television DSTV had many years ago died completely two weeks ago in …

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TSTV demystifies DSTV with quality for viewers


*Takes centre stage on 1st October *Offer Pay-As-Go Subscription South African company, DSTV, which has cheated Nigerians because of their monopoly is now in trouble. Just like MTN will not give Nigerians per second billing when GSM came. An indigenous Nigerian company, TELCOM Satellites TV (TSTV), is the latest in town, …

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