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Taye Adigun: Many wars of self destruct climaxes

*List of his victims of threat to life keeps growing

Taye Adigun’s penchance for begging to get a job without a formal basis and thereafter determining how much he feels he wants and if not paid, he resorts to blackmail, threats and abuse of the persons on the other side is a known character with those who have had dealings with him.

Barrister Eustace Nwaozuzu...was a victim of Taye Adigun
Barrister Eustace Nwaozuzu…was a victim of Taye Adigun

The website designer who atimes pose as a journalist has a long list of his clients who are either after him or won’t want to see him for whatever reasons, tells his clients that he is a well known cultist who graduated from the University of Ilorin.

His list of victims include Remo Stars FC, Niger Tornadoes FC of Minna, the National Association of Social Workers (NASOW), Barrister Eustace Nwaozuzu (whose report at the Gwarinpa Police station is still subsisting).

Mr Adigun’s trade name is Felele247. His current yet-to-become victims are Abia Warriors FC of Umuahia, Kwara United FC of Ilorin and about four other clubs.

His latest victim are the Maxi Sports who have refused to take his threats as empty. There is a bag full of evidences he laid against himself where he serially wrote in different public fora and in direct messages through the social web platform, WhatsApp.

Nigeria Association of Social Workers (NASOW)...were once his victim too
Nigeria Association of Social Workers (NASOW)…were once his victim too

Adigun in his very terrible English freely sent various threats to three journalists promising to “waste” them, at another breath, he promised them both “physical and spiritual” attacks.

The two-page letter addressed to the Police also contained all manners of allegations that bother on libel and defamation of character.

When four years ago he begged to add value to the www.gongnews.net he was allowed. Having gotten access to the online’s backend and worked for almost nine months without any reasonable result commensurate to his promises, he was discharged.

He connived with the host of the online which gave him access to the backend of the website. Pronto! Mr Adigun went in, deleted the entire work of the online newspaper for four years. The matter was reported to the Police in Gwarinpa where he wrote and admitted in his statement his criminal act.

He valued what he claimed was worth of his work to be N360,000 but the databank he had deleted was rated at over N15million. Out of compassion coupled with pleadings from men of value in the society, he was let off the hook.

Hours later, the police from the same station kept a manhunt for him over two other similar reports lodged by the Abuja-based lawyer, Eustace Nwaozuzu and the National Association of Social Workers (NASOW).

Lawrence Katken...his league were also his victim
Lawrence Katken…his league were also his victim

For claiming to be paid N150,000 without delivering any task, Mr Adigun held the NASOW to ransom for almost two years. Nwaozuzu paid him but never got value for his work. Adigun and Remo Stars today are not on talking terms. Officials of the Nationwide National League (NNL) were his victims for almost 16 months.

Kola Daniel, an Abuja-based journalist was physically attacked by Mr Adigun. Daniel secured a wound on his face as a result of the assault. There is a long streak of his victims in the Federal Capital. With this latest development, what will be the outcome of the new trouble which may sink him.

Once his previous victims whose cases are pending with the police can find him, it’s a matter of consolidating the entire issues which may lead to his being dragged to court, how does this man survive this onslaught. May God help him!

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  1. Ï know three ôther victims of this stupid Tâye.
    He cannot change his ways.
    I hope Taye can look for clients outside sports (better that way, he will have rest of mind), and also hope he will change and learn his lesson, this time in a hard way like myself.
    So sorry for this long epistle, my NGO’s website designed by Taye dissapered few weeks ago, he pulled it down, I had to give him stipend to bring it back up, just imagine, the site is still in shambles/and inconclusive courtesy of him, nothing spoil, life goes on.
    Nice that he is exposéd.

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