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Tell the NOC buffs to stop lying about IOC charter – Barrister Bambo Oyewale

*Ask them to cite the exact rule to justify their position

*They are selfish, greedy and emotional

By Olajide Fashikun

There is nothing in the IOC charter that says Nigeria or any member country should not have its own internal rules and guidelines on elections. NOC calling for harmonisation of rules to suit those of them occupying international offices was selfish. International sports associations are governed by rules not by greed and emotions.

That was the views of Barrister Bambo Oyewale, a former national team hockey player who is now a Port Harcourt-based legal practitioner who called on phone to react to the series of developments in the aftermath of the new Sports Federation election guidelines.

Oyewale, who is three-time winner of the J. F. Kennedy international hockey championship said, “

“Can the Secretary General of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC), Tunde Popoola, tell us what the Olympic Charter he was citing provide. Such blanket statements used and abused by the NFF some years ago cannot work again. His assertion does not solve the problem. Why will a Federation President go against his country’s Ministry of Sport claiming “Olympic Charter”. Which Charter?

Oyewale and Popoola were team mates in the national team. He added, “IOC will not take general action against any country on matters of Election Guidelines. Even if they chose to, they will refer the matter to each respective International Federation. In Basketball, there is a term limit of two terms for the President of FIBA Africa and National Federations are to take dressing from this. This was part of why the dubious back door constitution which the present NBBF leadership tried to ram down our necks in Nigeria was rejected because it provided for a life Presidency for the incumbent, Tijanni Umar. He set up the Electoral Committees and hand picked all the Board  members.

www.gongnews.net took the extra step to ask Colonel Sam Ahmedu on this assertion. He said, “I and a few others were victims of this lock out and yet I am the President of FIBA Africa Zone 3 which Nigeria falls under. The Ministry of Youths and Sports wrote to the President NBBF to explain the anomalies but he has not replied that letter till date. By the same token FIBA rules provides that if you are President or Vice President of either FIBA Africa or the Zone, you can not be a President or Vice President of your country’s Federation.

The founder of Dodan Barracks basketball in Ilupeju-Lagos added, “one can however be a member of his Federation and serve in other capacities. In the same vein, the recent Guidelines did not bar those Presidents disqualified from being members of their Federations.”

Oyewale added in his submission, “CAS decisions are supreme to all sporting associations and in all situations, they tell you to obey your country’s laws first before any other. See the Yahaya Adama & 1 Or versus FIFA case. That was what empowered those guys to return to the Federal High Court in Jos.

“These people just take pleasure in playing on the sensibilities of Nigerians for their very selfish reasons. Must they be there if they are no longer wanted? Are they not ashamed at the wanton damage and destruction they have done to our sports? Tell them in their local languages in case they do not understand English that they are no longer wanted. Period!!  Pls let them go so that we can have a breath of fresh air. This was the unanimous verdict of stakeholders in Abuja on the 13th of April 2017, in which they were all present. They were witnesses to how they were roundly rejected and captured on camera.

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