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The tragedy of our existence as a people…

*We must say enough is enough

That Nigerians are living under very hard, very harsh, very low condition – without water, without electricity, without food sufficiency, without job adequacy, with bad roads, with low industrial capacity, with poor educational and health system etc etc – is no news.

That this has remained so for decades, through successive political leaderships and governments and parties, is no news.

What is really worrisome is that the people have given up on government. These days, nobody cares anymore as majority of the people just strive daily just to keep alive and provide education for their children, food and health for their families through excruciating difficulties.

They have left the country for the politicians and turned to themselves. Sad, indeed, to see young people, men and women, taking the hazardous desert and Mediterranean routes just to get to Europe to find menial jobs and trade in their flesh.

Tragedy we must say enough to in our lives
Tragedy we must say enough to in our lives

Many are stranded and in hiding in various European and Asian countries.

Those at home seek mental escape in various ways. Some take to drugs, some find escape in following European football.

These days, many young and old persons see sport betting as the nearest available means to seek money. The process drains the little finances they manage to work for as they keep finding ways to better their lot outside government.

Many of the young women have also taken to men, not out of will, but out of difficult circumstance, to stay alive, pay their way through an exorbitant school system.

In all these, the government is just there, the politicians are just there, bubbling Abuja daily with often unreasoned policies, ineffective programmes, a cacophony of diversionary controversies and propaganda, daily misappropriating the nation resources while the people are just on their own.

This is the tragedy of our existence.

Must we allow this to continue for more decades? What happens to us?  What happens to our children?

The time has come for us to rise up against this system of things. We must say enough is enough and get together as common folks, to reclaim our country from prolonged ineffective political leadership.

They believe the people cannot do anything because they have built political and party structure which they exploit at every election season to renew their hold to power and continue to keep us under their bondage.

But we can upturn this system of things by freeing our minds from their political hold and resolving in our minds to come together in a new vehicle to redeem our nation. This is a tragedy we must conquer.

What is needed is the realisation of the evil being done to us and the will to say “never again. ”

Join and support the movement for national revival….

Your compatriot, 
Fred Edoreh

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  1. Mahmuda Abdulkadir, Brussels

    Wow! This is one of the very few occasions I am finding a Nigerian columnist speak directly to my heart.
    I commend this writer. I have searched for his previous writings and can’t find any. Please help me. I need more of his deep wisdom. Great writer. Simple writing style.
    Also, tell him, what is he waiting for? It is people like him we need in our parliaments not those monkeying there now.
    I love him

  2. Ride on Bro, i will vote n mobilize my friends n family to do the same for u. Nigeria needs something different. I must also note that don’t allow this same old politicians and their stingy ideology to buy u out if you get the chance to become president of Nigeria. Nigerians need a reset in our brains and someone need to show everyone that achievements can be made without having to bribe anyone or indulge in any form of corruption, be it little or big. Good luck in your Journey man. I stand with you Fred Edoreh.