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UITH: Don’t distract Olatinwo on his tasks – Concerned group

*His work has distinguished the great work he has achieved

University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH ) should be grateful to the meticulous managerial skills of its team of management under the leadership of the Chief Medical Director (CMD ), Professor A. W. O. Olatinwo rather than casting aspersions on him.

Professor Olatinwo and some UITH team
Professor Olatinwo and some UITH team

The UITH, under the directive of the Offa-born Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecoloy since the last seven years, has no doubt witnessed unprecedented growths, the kind it had never experienced since its establishment some decades ago.

On his assumption of office, Olatinwo never hid his penchant for quality services and uncompromising productivity drives especially those that are rendered to the patients of the hospital, the ones he described as “friends and clients” of the UITH.

Professor Olatinwo...made tremendous successes which a team is defending on his behalf
Professor Olatinwo…made tremendous successes which a team is defending on his behalf

In the process, he coined an aphorism coded: ‘Total Quality Care for Patients Satisfaction, ‘ serving as a guide to both the clinical and administrative staff of the hospital.

Besides, he put under effective checks any delay in treatment of patients requiring urgent attention by the hospital staff,  just as he curbed the excesses of some Consultants who simultaneously run the services of the UITH with their privately owned hospitals, reminding them of their primary duties to the teaching hospital’s patients.

It is no longer a norm seeing patients waiting for doctors in the UITH as doctors and other health workers now resume for work promptly under a re-jigged Servicom system neatly packaged by the ingenuity of the surgeon turned an administrator.

One other area that Olatinwo’s invaluable contributions to the phenomenal growths of the UITH can not be ignored is in the area of strengthening the Public/Private Partnerships arrangement culminating in free donations of veritable centres to the hospital.

Some UITH medical team break through in medical science
Some UITH medical team break through in medical science

His refrains: “government alone can’t provide for quality health services any where in the world”, seemed to have caught the attentions of some endowed Nigerians who had freely donated buildings and medical equipment valued  at billions of Naira to the hospital.

Yusuf Olaolu Ali (SAN) donated a cute ‘Trauma Centre’ to the hospital and equipped same with states of the arts machines. In the same vein, an industrialist Apostle Oluwole Awotunde gave a sprawling Emergency Paediatric Ward to the hospital. Doing the commissioning of the edifice, an Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Adeoye Adeniyi who was also a one time Vice Chancellor of University of Ilorin, described the building as children friendly noting also that the equipment in it could compete favourably with any other paediatric wards in the world.

Yusuf Ali (SAN) donated a trauma centre to the UITH
Yusuf Ali (SAN) donated a trauma centre to the UITH

In clinical evaluations, it was Olatinwo’s tenure that upscaled the status of the hospital to a five star grade. Besides, he ensured the conduct of the first Renal transplantation in the hospital just as he facilitated the first series of Open Heart Surgeries at the hospital.

This great Nigerian introduced the first IVF center to the UITH. The centre already acclaimed as one of the best in West African sub region due to the series of successes  it has recorded since its inception, has no doubt put smiles into the faces of the hitherto couples stigmatised as barrens. The center had produced deliveries of quadruplets, triplets, twins and single babies numbering over 20 within the last three years.

The CMD is already putting in motion machinery that would ensure home treatments of the aged and other vulnerable members of the society by health workers of the hospital. The Geriatrics unit, he believed would not only provide succor to the identified group of patients but would also help in decongesting the wards and Out Patients Unit.

On records, the hospital under his leadership recorded the least number of industrial disharmonies. But at the twilight of his tenure, it is believed in some quarters that some fifth columnists sponsoring under grounds candidates to replace him are poised at disturbing the

peace of the hospital.

These unscrupulous elements have been instigating against Olatinwo’s led management  some categories of doctors of the hospital to embark on frivolous demands that would be met with incessant strikes if not consented to. Besides, of late, such persons have infiltrated the ranks and files of the personnel of the non clinical sector urging them to put pressures on the management for unrealistic payment of certain emoluments of the categories of workers.

While Olatinwo has deliberately shunned any act of interference in the procedures that could lead to the emergence of his successor, we believe that the activities of such fifth columnists should be urgently condemned and checkmated to forstal any brigand act that could lead to a disruption in the UITH’s administration.

We commend Olatinwo and pray for his smooth completion of his second term tenure in office which by our own calculation is less than one year from the date of this write up. Besides, we want the management to invoke relevant Civil Service Rules against some elements within giving supports to the enemies without.

God bless UITH and Nigeria.

From Concerned Citizens of the UITH.


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