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Unilorin gets 7 days ultimatum from CATBAN on impunity

*Impunity and endemic fraud at University of Ilorin must stop

Citizens Action To Take Back Nigeria (CATBAN) has given the University of Ilorin authorities seven days to stop what she called “the ongoing systemic fraud and economic corruption taking place  where innocent students have constantly fallen victim to this unfortunate series of practices.”

CATBAN has reliably gathered from available findings and evidence that over 2000 new entrants/students admitted into the University that have paid in over N100 million into the University’s coffers have been asked to go home by the University. According to the affected students, no reasonable explanation was provided by the University, other than claims of ‘’unacceptable results’’, whatever that means.

After some students of the institution, in their large numbers, protested against this fraudulent practice by the University on 23rd January 2017, the University released a press statement in which it threatened the students with what we simply refer to as “imaginary prosecution” should they continue to seek justice.

This threat of “imaginary prosecution” aimed at victims by the authorities of University of Ilorin, was to dissuade the students from protecting their lawful interest and rights as Nigerian citizens, but this issue has gone beyond the students. It has now become a national issue of systemic fraud and economic corruption which we are willing to address once and for all.

In order to ensure that the affected students don’t commit any wrong doing, CATBAN has asked some of them to present their results tagged as “unacceptable” by the University. This they did and to the best of our observations, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these results; neither do the results contain ant sort of error.

Contrary to the heinous claims by the University authorities, these students did not input any wrong grades into the system, neither did they supply wrong details to the University. Every information they uploaded into the system was clearly the same on their results as certified by CATBAN.

In our continued search for facts about this matter, we were confronted with evidences that shows that this is not the first time such an incident has occured in University of Ilorin. As far as our investigations have gone, this fraudulent practice has been consistently sustained since 2012, and the victims have never had anyone listen to their woes until now, nor had the issues addressed.

CATBAN’S investigative team have also gathered that University of Ilorin deliberately issues admission to students in excess of their capacity and quota, hoping to drain the additional students off their hard
earned resources before sending them back home with unreasonable explanations. After paying all necessary fees, renting accommodation and attending lectures for months, victims will eventually be told that they had fake admission or that they have unacceptable results. Some previous victims also explained to our investigative team that the University may in some instances even claim your result doesn’t fit into the course you were given and instead of transferring you to a suitable course of study, would rather ask you to go home without returning your fees to you.

This year’s fraud is the largest since this practice begun few years ago as CATBAN has now gathered.
However, rather than stay silent like those before them and go home quietly with their fees not returned, these brave students marched on the University of Ilorin campus to seek justice, but they were meet with verbal and physical violence by management of the University. A student blogger
who first reported the protest was invited by the University’s security and was severely threatened.

The second protest, which is slated sometime soon has seen the University bring in several security personnel to prevent these students from protesting on campus.

For the University to claim that over 2000 students supplied what it described as “unacceptable results’’ is strange and questionable. Furthermore, these are questions for the University to answer:

How and why will over 2000 innocent admission seekers supply false results only to University of Ilorin?
How did the University come to that conclusion, when the students original results doesn’t contradict what was supplied to the University?
How come the University receives millions from students every year, only to ask them to go home just before examination with flimsy excuses?
Even when the University is aware that they are the source of the error, how come no refunds were ever made to the students in previous occasions?
How come the same situation continues to repeat itself every year only at University of Ilorin?
In view of the above, CATBAN demands an immediate reversal of the ‘’go home’’ order given by the University. Every student with admission letter, either provisional or otherwise, is already a student unless there exists concrete evidence to prove their wrong doing.

We are aware that University of Ilorin’s portal was hacked sometime ago and it is possible that this so called error came from the University’s inability to secure its site. Therefore, no students should be punished for the University’s error.

No admitted student shall be sent back home without concrete evidence of wrong doing on the part of the student.

No admitted student shall be sent back home based on system error, or error due to negligenceby the University.

And finally, no admitted student shall be sent back home without adequate refund of their fees and expenses during their stay in the University.

We give the University 7 days ultimatum to withdraw its go home order to the students and allow them continue their studies peacefully, failure to which CATBAN shall be left with no option other than to mobilize our teeming civil society networks to occupy University of Ilorin and shutdown the institution.

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