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Wadzani Gadzama boils over invasion of Nigerian athletics

*As Athletics stakeholders to meet in Abuja about future of sport

Current Board member and former Sydney Olympics 4x400m gold medallist,

Wadzani Gadzama...angry and furious as a former athlete
Wadzani Gadzama…angry and furious as a former athlete

is angry how ‘outsiders’ have like byzantines invaded and destroyed the health of the sport just as some Nigerian athletics stakeholders will be meeting in Abuja to forge a common agenda for the development of the sport in the years to come.

The Nigerian quarter-mile and very outspoken and harshest critic of the outgoing board led by Mr Solomon Ogba wrote a piece he shared with www.gongnews.net

We present his view unedited:

“For those vultures strategising in order to hijack the electoral process of the leadership of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria to their own selfish gain and not that of the people must understand that they have gone past their time. We are watching you closely and the federation is for all Nigerians but not for few lazy desperate few who couldn’t change anything for eight years.

“Keep creating fraudulent platforms with intention to field your co-surrogates that held our federation hostage since I was a young athlete without anything to show for, but shamelessly they want to hang on. We are the leaders of today and not tomorrow for their information.

“Some desperate elements who didn’t plan their lives after sports and majority of them are from the United States of America, as they couldn’t work hard to emulate the successful ex-athletes like Fatima Yusuf-Olukoju,  Pat Itanyi, Clement Chukwu, Jude Monye, Adewale Olukoju, Nduka Awazie and the rest.

“They have became a serious burden towards the development of our sports by putting pressure on female athletes in return for sex and the boys left helplessly on their own. These desperate elements are thinking of trying to block me from coming out, hahahaha!!!

“I am too strong for you to stop me and all of you combined. Remember that you couldn’t stop me during the PDP regime and it’s impossible to do so now I promise. I have the support of my fellow athletes home and abroad.

To some of our retired top athletes at home and you know yourselves that I don’t wish to call names but I can do so because of how you were relentlessly overshadowed by people who never ran in their lives have succeeded in shutting you down from your own house (athletics).

“Therefore, I am appealing to all of you to rise up from your hiding and make your voices heard instead of mourning for bad governance in our sport. Sending people to my zone is a total waste of energy to the group of gangs in our federation where I am current and proud sitting board member elected by the good people of the northeast. It cannot be always people from specific zone that are meant to enjoy the benefits of sports and not mallams by rotating within them which I find very funny they sat down on many occasions to pronounce who should govern next as they do in the mainstream politics where a prisoner determines who becomes senator or governor.

“Even those from their zones are tired of them and their group of selfish club members because coming from the zone isn’t enough without pretending to be loyal.

Solomon Ogba should keep clear or be disgraced out with his group of thugs through the ballot box and political fada da wakaseni.

However, the coordinator of the Abuja meeting, Tom Nnakwe told www.gongnews.net “all Nigerians who have the desire to see the sport grow are being expected at the gathering, billed for the Conference hall of the National Stadium Abuja package B complex on the 5th April.

“We are talking about athletes, coaches, administrators and every Nigerian who is genuinely interested in the rebirth of athletics in Nigeria.

“It is not a meeting where we would shout and apportion blames, but to chart a way forward for our sports for the interest of Nigerian youths who are wishing to use the sport as a spring board,” the former Nigerian international athlete disclosed.

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