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We will revamp the face of Judo in Nigeria: Emmanuel Gbahabo

*Plans have been worked out to make us more functional

By Oluwole Francis

Mr.  Emmanuel Gbahabo, a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming election of sports Federations who aspires to lead the Judo federation has identified lack of leadership commitment to the game as one of the  reasons why the game is not getting the attention needed in Nigeria.

Mr Emmanuel Gbahabo a legal practitioner said that, there were many wrong things in the federation. He promised that if he is elected president in the 13th June election, the judo game in the country will experience progress.

Judokas...Emmanuel Gbahabo eyes being Nigeria's Judo boss
Judokas…Emmanuel Gbahabo eyes being Nigeria’s Judo boss

According to him, I have decided to come into the race to be able to put the few things right in the Judo federation.

He said:  “For over 10 years now Nigeria have never held any congresses which is supposed to be annual event. The last board met twice in four years they should have be meeting quarterly which is 16 meeting within that four years but they had only two

“Nigeria Judo Federation does not have a constitution as we speak, we don’t have a website, no functional email system, we don’t have common Facebook account nor twitter account that can be opened in a second.

“These problem have added to wide gap between Nigeria Judo and the pace international Judo comity is moving”.

Speaking further, he also lamented the absence of Nigeria at the international tournaments. “We have not attended an international Judo congress meeting in the last 10 years; we have not attended any African Judo union congress meeting in the last 10 years, even local IOC meeting we do not attend so, how can the game progress?

“These are the shortcoming that has made people like me to come out to make some changes, improve the game and bring it back to its lost glory.”

He however, promised to ensure that all abnormalities experienced in the past will soon be a thing of the past if elected into the position.

“I have told members of the nation’s Judo community that within three months, we are going to have functional website, constitution. We will determine the days of meeting ahead of time so that people can plan, it’s not the case of where someone will be inviting member to his house for the meeting. This is not going happening under my watch.”

Mr Emmanuel Gbahabo revealed that although funding has been a massive challenge for every federation in the country but said with the massive marketing strategy in place, funding will not be a barrier.

“Funding is very critical part of any sport especially in Nigeria even the government is in a bit of financial trouble. So, what I propose to do is to have a marketing manager on full time basis, his job is to go out and look for fund for the federation.

“We are going to have a standing finance/marketing committee that will be guiding the marketing manager on how to go about the work with that we will be able, at least, to fund most of our events if not all.

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