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Only youths can give Nigeria clean leadership – Wanori

*As YLAN holds maiden unity and peace rally in Abuja

By Olajide Fashikun

Engineer Kabiru Wanori has called on Nigerian youths to rise up to the needs of the nation for a new generation of clean leaders who are devoid of the current sectional disinvestment. Youths who appreciate that our nationhood is not negotiable.

Wanori is the Chairman Board of Trustees of the Young Leadership Association of Nigeria (YLAN) who as part of the activities to mark the 57th anniversary of the nation’s political independence held her maiden Unity and Peace rally at the Unity Fountain in Abuja.

Guests at the Young Leadership Association of Nigeria (YLAN)
Guests at the Young Leadership Association of Nigeria (YLAN)

According to Wanori, “let us struggle to make a difference everywhere we find ourselves. We must look into the vision of tomorrow by doing the right things at all times. You form 70% of our nation’s population, only you can determine the leadership of our nation and its future. Therefore, you must be prepared for leadership from now.”

Nigeria is indissoluble. The insurgency in the north East is a distraction which as youth united in one voice can say enough is enough and it will be so. You must imbibe the principles of national values that bring us together. Avoid all manners of corrupt tendencies.”

In his own admonitions, Dr Steve Agbo the Executive Director (Administration & Training) Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) urged the youths to “always think scientifically, electronically and technologically. Power is an awesome responsibility. Nobody will give you. You must struggle for it. In all of history, you are to negotiate and wrestle power with those who hold it. Sometimes you have to pay the supreme price in the process.”

“The world is in your hands for the taking. Today, Nigeria is panting. Corruption is attacking the fabric of the nation. If the entire youth population realize that corruption in holding our nation’s jugular then we will appreciate that the current administration is fighting corruption to secure the future for us. Therefore, the youths have to rise and support this government to succeed in the fight against corruption.”

In his speech at the event, the National President of the YLAN, Mr Kabir Duhu said, “our mission is provide opportunities for the youths of Nigeria to actively participate in the processes of leadership, peace and community service to our fatherland. We believe in Nigeria, coming together to be one and a strong entity.

“When we talk about violence, drug abuse, unemployment etc it borders around the youth population. As youths, we have come of age and should as leaders be patriotic and selfless in our dispositions.”

It is our dream to be among the 20 most developed nations of the world. We have what it takes to bring about positive change in the process of nation building. We are youths of excellence who are guided by national values above ethnic, religious and sectional sentiments.”

Some of the important personalities that graced the occasion include Dr Steve Agbo the Executive Director (Administration & Training) Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Ambassador Babagana Ajimi, Hon Isah Abdulrahman, Uche Odika Jnr, Zanna Hassan Buguma of Borno, Hon Patty Eteteh.

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