Youths of Idumuje-Ugboko are for progress of our community

We the Youths of Idumuje-Ugboko have decided to respond to the so called communiqué published in the Vanguard newspaper of 21st April, 2017 on pages 16 and 17 by some disgusted, faceless, hideous and retrogressive imposters.

Idumuje-Ugboko community…wants Star University

We have taken our time to discuss with well-meaning members of our community whose names and signatures were wrongly and falsely used in an attempt to give credence to their frivolous stories. We are aware that a peace meeting was called in the residence of one of our illustrious sons Gabriel Ogbechie on the 25th of March 2017. At the meeting, the only issues that were discussed related to the progress of the town and how to make peace between Prince Nonso Nwoko and Prince Ned Nwoko.

Accordingly, a four-man peace committee was set up. They are Chief Paul Uzo, Engineer Gabriel Ogbechie, Victor Omezi and Ikechukwu Omezi. They were charged with making peace. It is ironic and nonsensical that the same people that put together a peace committee will sign and publish such a malicious, hostile and hateful article a day before the scheduled peace meeting. The much expected meeting was aborted because of this ill-conceived fraudulent publication.

We are also aware that a group of 10 men comprising of Mr. Uche Aligbe, Mr. Azu Aligbe, Mr. Felix Sunday Banye, Mr. Uche Enuoyibo amongst others constituted themselves as a “Media Team”. We had many dispassionate and responsible members of our community in attendance at both meetings including the Odogwu of Idumuje- Ugboko and the IUDU home branch President Mr. Mosindi, Mr. John Moemeke (IUDU Aba branch President) among others.

We have spoken with virtually everybody and we have come to the conclusion that the publication was malicious, was concocted as it did not reflect what was discussed at the said meeting.

The so called media committee virtually went on their own frolic exhibiting extreme hostility and bitterness portraying their collective failures in life.
The so called media committee are meant to show us leadership by example which they have failed to do as they have never contributed in any meaningful way to the development of our town nor the sustenance of the teeming masses in our village. Not only did they publish such malicious falsehood but they doctored and superimposed signatures of attendance where a peace committee was discussed. What they published was never discussed at the IUDU annual general meeting either. It even worst as they tried to pass their story under an IUDU General meeting communiqué.

The act is fraudulent and with criminal intent. We have accordingly petitioned the Commissioner of Police to investigate and charge those who are found culpable because they have not only failed to show leadership by example but they have committed sacrilege. They set out to mislead and misinform the public and in the process, they have shown their dirty hands; otherwise how could they explain the fact that their so called communiqué was purportedly issued as a product of IUDU Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on the 15th of April 2017 when virtually all the people named were not present at the AGM. We know as a matter of fact that Engineer Gabriel Ogbechie and 95% of those mentioned were not present at the IUDU AGM. This is impersonation and deception.

Gabriel Ogbechie...peace meeting called at his instance in Idumuje-Ugboko
Gabriel Ogbechie…peace meeting called at his instance in Idumuje-Ugboko

We feel insulted and provoked for the few disgruntled individuals to say that there is no important personality supporting the proposed university. We find this comment very unpleasant and insulting to our Chiefs, members of IUDU, the youths, the Nwokos, the council of elders and the community as a whole who have expressed their unflinching support to the proposed university.

The youths also want to inform the world that the conspicuous hindrance, Mbanefo Nwoko who claims to be the Idumuje-Ugboko lawyer is a family lawyer to Nonso Nwoko but wearing his betrayers garment drafted the much thought MOU between Linas International Limited Company and Idumuje-Ugboko Community!

This same Mbanefo Nwoko is a member of the Planning Implementation Committee (PIC) of the proposed University. He nominated two (2) Professors from University of Benin into the Planning Implementation Committee (PIC). He received so much financial support from Hon Ned Nwoko over this period. Who is deceiving who? Let the Nwoko family sort out their issues and leave Idumuje-Ugboko. Mbanefo’s game is simple. He believes that if Nonso Nwoko is found guilty in any of the four criminal matters and therefore disqualified to assume the Obi ship that he Prince Mbanefo Nwoko will take over as next in line. This is why he has opposed every peace moves even those initiated by the elders in the Nwoko family.

We are by this medium giving the current IUDU President General and the so called media committee seven (7) days to retract their said malicious and concocted write up or face the following immediate consequences

  1.  The full police investigation of the matters complained about.
  2. The recall of IUDU executives for misleading, misinforming, deceiving and continuing to allow the IUDU platform to be so misused.
  3. To face excommunication from the village as appropriate
    We wholeheartedly support the University project. We are witnesses to the processes followed by the town in granting the land for the University from the Izu-Ani to the Committee work. You can’t stay in Lagos or Port Harcourt and conjure stories of what should have happened or not in Idumuje Ugboko.

We wear the shoes and we know where it pinches. You don’t. Hon Ned Nwoko has been our benefactor for many years providing daily bread to our masses and providing support for our housing, education, health and other youth empowerment programs. You are indeed enemies of progress.

Your envy of Hon. Ned Nwoko has turned your black hearts into bitterness and hostilities. Most of you have no stake in Idumuje Ugboko as you neither reside, work nor visit to know what is happening in the village. You visit Idumuje Ugboko once a year for IUDU conferences and stay in your home under lock and keys.

You are indeed foreigners here. You have one or two things to learn from Prince Ned Nwoko but we know you don’t have the means nor the humility to learn. Stop your evil and retrogressive ways. We will not accept it anymore.

Kogwuonye Emmanuel.

Obuzorme Onyema
Vice President

Omesiete Uche.

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