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It’s A Natural Thing For Me To Sing Praises To God… Eyinjueledunare




By Olayinka Elebute


Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church” (Col.1:24).


Being a minister of the Gospel some of the major reason is to warn the church about the error of the end time, and true minister of God are called and elected, ordained by God and not by men.

One of such is sister Adeola Eniola Olabode popularly known as “Eyinjueledunare” the lead singer for Christ Apostlic Church Agbala-itura Wakajaiye District, who has been on the road of serving God with her voice singing praises daily to lift the church ministring  to people not only in her church but with her own band, she spoke with on her journey into the music industry and her project which she started 3 years ago and which is also coming up on the 27th of this month of April 2023.

Enjoy our conversations below Good day, pls let get to know you?

Olabode Eniola: Good day I’m Olabode Eniola Racheal a young gospel singer base in Ibadan and I am presently the choir leader in Christ Apostlic Church Agbala-itura Wakajaiye District at Iyana Church.. How long have you been singing?

Olabode Eniola: I can’t say precisely, I have been singing as a child, but let just say for as long as I can remember it’s over  10 Years now that I have been singing for Lord. Most spiritual singers always say they are inspired to sing what inspire you?

Olabode Eniola: For me I find it easy to sing and I always get my joy from it that was why I love to sing, even before God ask me to start the ministry so it’s a natural thing for me to sing to lift people up to praise God at all time because that’s what he called me to do. Praise him. As a spiritual singer who is your role model and have you been able to met with the person?

Olabode Eniola: It will shock you that I don’t have any that I look up to in the ministry, seriously I don’t have a role model Tell us how you started

Olabode Eniola:It started with alot of vision and prophecy that God has place a mantle on my hand which I need to make us of. That was when we start a program Tag:OLOWOGBOGBORO
After the first year God ask me to continue the program yearly, and we have been doing that for the past three years What is your focus in the ministry?


Olabode Eniola: To work for Christ because that was the major reason I was assigned. And I will continue to go so to glorify his name all the days of my life. Do you have any album in the market?

Olabode Eniola: None for now, but
I am working on one at the moment and in due time the whole world  will know about it because it is for the glory of God, but I can assure you it will be out very soon. Do you have any major projects for 2023?

Olabode Eniola: Yes,  Our Sacrifice of praise (SOP) on the way. Which will be coming up by April 27th Which artiste are we expecting during the programme.

Olabode Eniola:  We have invited so many gospel artiste that will inspire us on that day among them are Min Tohworship, Min AY praise, Min Bola Adeleke, Min Seyi opakunle and Min Sunday Adeyemo it’s going to be awesome in the presence of God and it is our believe that God presence will lift up our soul.



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