Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them


Gone are the days when things were done based on standard and quality, without any flair for influence, affluence or who you knew. In the past, people attended interview sessions based on invitation, without any aiding letter from any quarters. However, situation has changed and everything is now bastardised and lingers on who you are, who you know or what you have.

The most alarming thing is that this canker-worm of abuse of professionalism, has eaten into the fabric of every facet of life and spreads like wild fire to almost every part of the globe, with a very few exception. The areas affected include the following:


It is unimaginably impossible for a graduate of Geography to be the accountant general of the federation, under normal circumstances because the technical know-how is potentially absent; but nowadays, there is nothing impossible. Putting a horse before the cat has replaced the normal way of putting the cart before the horse.

Fixing a wrong person in an undeserved, or unmerited position is no more news, but a normal occurrence, so the wrong has remained the right. Anyone, who therefore, attempts to correct such abnormality is tagged as a black sheep  amidst white; and he dares not talk, else, he finds himself in white loin and been sent to his early hollowness.



What a better positive result will anyone expect in a country where the Minister for education is a lawyer by profession, or someone with the background of electrical engineering? Or; a situation, where the Director of education sector is an accountant by profession! Isn’t that an abuse of professionalism? Where there are thousands of erudite educationists, languishing in classrooms and in redundant cubicles, underutilized.

Eventually, and without mincing words, there is no miracle that will safe that sector without either from gradual or an impromptu total collapse, sooner or later! This isn’t neither a curse, nor a prayer!


The history of politics remains the same, particularly under democratic system. When, for example, a business tycoon or truck pusher is made the leader of a country without sound and moral educational background, there bounds to be coercion. The history of rulership of America comes to mind, considering the chains of succession, indeed, he who lacks education, lacks everything. Or, do I say, half-baked knowledge is catastrophic.

Coming down to Nigerian politics, one of the major sickening challenge the country’s political dispensation has been facing is the abuse, mutilation and misplacement of priority as regard professionalism. Only a few government under democracy ever fixed the round peg in the round hole, but what is commonly seen is the round peg in a squared hole. What Jupiter do we expect if the educational background of a Minister for agriculture is Theatre arts?

The repercussion of course is to promote drama. Borrowing a large experience from our two Glorious and Holy Books (The Qur’an and Bible) will explicitly broaden the minds of the reader, is the importance that is been attached to standardizing professionalism. Prophet Yusuf (AS), Joseph in the Bible, having overwhelmingly overcome his tragic situations of his brothers’ unscrupulous plans, he was sold to someone else and later found himself in the land of Misra,(in Egypt). As at then, the country suffered from agricultural tribulations.

Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them

There, God,(Allah)the Only Mighty, exposed the versatility in Yusuf’s professionalism, and he professed that himself when  he said: keep me(in authority)over the treasures of the land, surely I am  a good keeper, knowing well(Q 12:55). Due to Yusuf (AS)’s professionalism, he was able to transform Egypt to a land of abundant agricultural bliss. Egypt, having suffered for famine in the past, but later became prowess in agricultural production, due Prophet Yusuf (Joseph’s) professionalism.

Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero the Wambai Kano with Nwankwo Kanu and El-Hadji Diouf

When then do we want to learn shunning tribalism in what we do? Eventually, people who are incompetent are fixed in sensitive positions without the prior knowledge of what such positions require of them; but because a letter from a higher authority has been received, your wish is my command becomes the song.

This attitude of abuse of professionalism has eaten deep into the fabric of our socio-economic development, cultural standard, political science, and even religious practice. How on Earth, do we expect an acclaimed Pastor, who has not gone through school of Theology to perform professionally at the podium; or, an acclaimed Imam, who has never attended any educational institutions that train on Arabic and Islamic Studies, where moral standards are drilled? Certainly, such are the ones who draw back the hands of our clock and retard prospect, progress and development.

Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them


(1)The country’s development is at stake, and so all developments will be retarded.

(2)The children of poor people will suffer as they remain jobless and unproductive.

(3)The relationship between the rich and the poor will be at par.

(4) The country’s security is at a great stake or risk.

(5) Achieving good results in production may be a thing of the past.

(6) Unwarranted revolutionary attempt may be made, as it has been made before; and that may not be too good for and developing country.

(7) Justice, equity, sincerity, honesty, mercy, forgiveness, etc. will fade off from our society; including many more unprecedented repercussions. Before war is before arm, says an adage. Every single person should work towards making positive impact and hoping to take the country the said land of promise. Or do we expect emissaries to come and mend our country for us?

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