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Educational attainment, an indicator of the human capital accumulated by a population, is a primary determinant of a nation’s prosperity and global economic competitiveness. The World Economic Forum underscores the importance of higher education to national competitiveness asserting that, “today’s globalizing economy requires countries to nurture pools of well-educated workers who are able to perform complex tasks and adapt rapidly to their changing environment and the evolving needs of the production system”

Education plays a key role in providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to participate effectively in society and in the economy. In addition, education may improve people’s lives in such areas as health, civic participation, political interest, and happiness. Easy access to education at all levels is of paramount importance in a good society.

In celebration of her Golden Jubilee birthday anniversary this year, Bola Omowumi Fashikun, visited her Alma Mata where she awarded scholarship to selected number of students and distributed writing materials to pupils at the Methodist Girls High School, Ifaki, Ekiti State.

She noted that identifying with them and sharing words of encouragement will dissuade and motivate them to be better children. “This has been my dream while growing up and I’m glad I’m living it,” she said.

“Sharing moments and experience with the kids will motivate them to get serious. It’ll also aid them to cultivate the spirit of giving.”

She again stressed the need for qualitative girl child education in Nigeria.


“Girls who belong to the families who think that girls are a burden that they have to off load to the groom & his family’s shoulders, A mindset according to which girls are considered as a mere commodity and a soul that is made to fulfill the duties others assign to her, that is the fate most of the girls meet.”

“When we talk about girls we talk about half of the population, half of those people who are talented, powerful, resourceful and full of energy however untapped. Souls that are equal in every aspect to the other half whom we call boys.”

“A lot of us may not have heard the name of a famous personality Washington Irving. But what he says is really very interesting. He says “The best Academy is a mother’s knee”. Do you all agree to it? I do. All my lessons, whether at school, or in the playground, or even at my hobby center, just all of them are reinforced, coated with all the morals & virtues that it makes a holistic sense and teaches me by my instinct what is correct way of doing something and what is not. Who makes it possible? My mother.”

“An educated girl will definitely know the importance of going to school. She will know how important it is for each one of the person in and around her must be exposed to this wonderful world filled with compassion, creativity, innovation, science, art, music, dance, yoga and so many more things that we imbibe in us when we go to a school.

“It gets so inter-twined in the fabric of one’s life that one is bound to benefit. An educated girl will be able to constructively contribute towards building of a strong character, not just hers, but all around her too. She can even go ahead and teach her mother, if her mother has never gone to a school.”

“Her younger siblings can benefit from her. It is in villages that a lot of household still think it as a taboo to send their girl child out of the house to study. For them primary education is enough for their daughter to survive. But in today’s world where internet and its benefits are out-numbered and education is on the tips of everyone having an android phone, education is just a click away.”

“So much is being done and so much more needs to be done. Educating the girl child is a journey that will lead us to a better community, and an efficient nation. In Michelle Obama’s words, “No country can truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens. What are we waiting for then – Educate the Girls, Build a Strong Nation.”

Earlier, the Chairman of the occasion, former Minister of Youths and Sports Development, Barrister Solomon Dalung, who was represented by the Ondo state chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Mr. Stephen Adewale, commended the organizer, Bola Fashikun for her impact in the development of education in Nigeria.

“The impact of a programme such as this, cannot be over estimated. In Nigeria, when we got independence in 1969, our leaders at that time knew the importance of interschool debate, and that why when they introduced the first national development plan in 1962, they made it compulsory for the students in public secondary schools at the time to engage in debate and quiz. That reflected on the kind of leaders we had at that time, but unfortunately over time, we have abandoned the culture. That is why we have to appreciate the convener of this programme. Let me also encourage them to do more. This should be state wide project, so that with time, other states and individuals can borrow the idea.”

“It goes along way in helping the students build confidence, their vocabulary prowess, the level of reasoning and alot of other things that will make them become good people in the society.”

While speaking, a Former Ondo State Deputy Governor, Mr Agboola Ajayi emphasised that education is key to myriad of challenges facing Nigeria and urged Leaders not to relent in efforts at making the country great through proper investment in the sector.

Represented by the Ondo State Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr Ajayi who described the birthday Celebrant, Mrs Bolanle Rebecca Fashikun as a woman who had passion for education, called on well meaning Nigerians to emulate her.

Some of the students who benefited from the Scholarship awards including Esther Ilori, Abiodun Daniel, Jeje Blessing and Adesola Joseph said that the gesture came at a right time and prayed God to bless the new age of Mrs. Fashikun.

A total over 30 students were awarded scholarships of WAEC and NECO fees.

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