Buhari, Osinbajo will not contest election in 2019 – Emmanuel Jatau

President Muhammadu Buhari and VeePee Yemi Osinbajo…they won’t contest 2019 elections

*Saraki, Ben Bruce, Dino Melaye in betrayal mess

*Lawyers defending prominent Nigerians with corruption charges will fall sick

*Don’t increase the pump price of fuel or…

Fiery, bold and asserting Emmanuel Musa Jatau is the Presiding Bishop of 
Faithhill Prophetic Assembly Worldwide, Abuja. His prophecies for the year has come with the usual pin-point order. Please read and enjoy these peeps into the future.

“…….’Love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:31)

Bishop Emmauel Musa Jatau…his prophecies sends jitters down spines again

President Buhari’s love and positive plans for Nigeria has not changed, indeed it will increase in the year 2017. Let us therefore join hands to pray for him and the nation. Oil prices will rise in the year 2017. Government revenue will increase in the year 2017.

Chinese and Indian businessmen and their collaborators in the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) against remittances of money worth billions to the Federal Government (FG) will be exposed in the year 2017. Church banners etc. shall be subjected to taxation to reduce environmental pollution. This is one of the many taxes that will be introduced by FG in the year 2017.

FG will print enough Naira in the year 2017 in order to settle domestic debts.

In the year 2017, president Buhari will assemble another set of gifted economists that will introduce atypical policies that will put our economy on healthy and sustainable growth path.

Let us pray against air disasters particularly in African countries in the year

Dr Bukola Saraki Senate President…betrayal in your camp in 2017

Buhari should watch and pray against evils of 2016 (budget padding, terrorism, sabotage, betrayal etc.) because they will rear their ugly heads again in the year 2017.

Two presidential pilots (Buhari’s personal pilots) shall be removed and replaced in the year 2017. Let none of them lobby to be retained because I see trouble after.

I see two additional airports soon in Abuja. Six state governments will copy these. Most of the aircraft accidents shall be happening during the weekends I implore our engineers to loathe negligence and our pilots to be conscientious and prayerful. DANA, AZMAN and ARIK airlines should guard against sabotage between the months of January and June 2017.

Let us pray against the death of a popular comedian in Nigeria that may facilitate the death of other comedians.

Mr Donald Trump…American President-elect

Young girls flirting/philandering and playing the harlot with state governors and senators will be richer in the year 2017 with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). A word is enough for the wise.

2017 is a year women will be made to answer for bribery charges more than ever before. Some women presidents and prime ministers will be removed from office through the ballot box, impeachment etc. in the year 2017. Many women working with Buhari will be removed and replaced

Some deputy governors in Nigeria will take over from their governors in the year 2017.

Other forests in the six geopolitical zone, particularly in the north-east, south-south and south-east should be guarded to truncate (occupation of these forests) the alliance between Al-Shabab and boko haram.

Let us help the governor of Kaduna state with prayers as he confronts the moneybags being used by Satan to foment trouble in the state. These corruptly rich politicians are employing the services of boko haram fighters to destabilise the state.

Pray against boko haram attacks in the internally displaced peoples’ (IDPs) camps in the first quarter of 2017. I see terrorists in IDP camps in Maiduguri, amongst civilians in Chad, Cameroon and Niger.

2017 is a year the president, Governors and Senators will apologise gracefully for their oversight. It is a year a pastor in Africa will confess and expose other colleagues in various cults. It is a year of death of church founders; it is a year of scandals in churches in Abuja, Lagos, Akwa ibom, Calabar, Plateau and Kaduna states.

Nnamdi Kanu may be hospitalised in the early part of the year 2017 if he is not prayerful. Pray that his people do not abandon him.

Nigerian senior military officers, musicians and pastors should avoid group flights in the year 2017.

Saraki, Melaye and other loyalists of the former shall betray each other in the year 2017. Ben Bruce, Dino Melaye and their cohort should beware of the year 2017. I see them destroyed politically except they are prayerful.

Treasury crackers and looters in Nigeria (Senators, Governors, politicians, contractors etc.) will jubilate because of their pyrrhic victory against Magu, but God will bring them to judgement through another person sooner than they expect.

The appointment of an incorruptible Chief Justice from the southern part of Nigeria shall create a credible judiciary from the year 2017. He will be in the mould of Falana and Fawehinmi (of blessed memory).

Heart-breaking corruption cases, undeclared multi-million dollar property ownership by Senators/Governors involved in the persecution of Magu will be exposed in the year 2017.

Senator Joshua Dariye…can be the next governor of Plateau State again

Mr Dariye may be governor of Plateau state again if he is prayerful.

Buhari will not contest in the year 2019. Osinbajo will not contest in the year 2019

Economic crisis and corruption will reduce in the year 2017. Similarly boko haram attacks will diminish but not disappear. I see many people in handcuffs; arrest of uniform personnel and civilians shall be more in the year 2017 than 2016.

Lawyers defending prominent Nigerians with corruption charges shall take ill en masse in the year 2017 as a punishment from God. I advise our lawyers to be wary of whom to defend.

Nigerian youths shall march on the streets against the Senate in the year 2017 demanding for accountability, transparency, probity and good governance.

Innoson Company shall be frustrated by the rebels in the government in the year 2017 and shall be in pains. Indeed the owner of the company should pray against assassination by these agents of Satan that are bent on importing cars for government.

For refusing to adopt treasury single account (TSA), the sovereign God is sending a government that will temporarily scrap the National Assembly (NASS) and do the needful.

Indeed there is a new government on the way that will strengthen institutions and prevent human excesses in the police, NASS, judiciary etc. in Nigeria and in Africa.

There are very few virgins in the labour room; this will be the dilemma of president Buhari when appointing new ministers.

Some NGO’s, Ijaw youth council (IYC) and Nollywood leaders may be disgraced because of corruption and gluttony in the year 2017 if not careful.

President Buhari’s government will reform the Nigerian police to the approval of Nigerians and the international community. Nigeria will invest more in cyber security in the year 2017 to combat cyber crime.

The use of solar energy in the year 2017 will be widespread in Nigeria particularly in the southwest. Pray against violent fuel increase protests in the year 2017. I advise the government against increasing the pump price of fuel.

Pray against unnecessary death of ladies from fibroid surgeries in the year 2017. Effort should be made by government to stamp out the practice of health workers in government hospitals luring patients for surgery to their private hospitals that are ill equipped for unforeseen emergencies.

University professors at Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Keffi, Ibadan, Minna, Sokoto and Zaria should pray against accidents, brutal attacks and death in the year 2017. I also see two professors from these universities making names in Nigeria and abroad in the year 2017. Let our ambassadors pray against marital problems because I see many of them divorcing their wives in the year 2017.

President Goodluck Jonathan will be persuaded to contest and will be defrauded. The fraudsters shall prefer a new party that has sokoto state governor and Donald Duke on the driver’s seat. Let Goodluck beware of these con men.

Buhari shall face stiff opposition from within and outside his party; many All Progressive Congress (APC) members will be punished in the year 2017/2018 for anti-party activities.

God said in the year 2017, He will make jobs available for the youth, ameliorate economic hardship and rectify the economic imbalance between the rich and the poor in Nigeria. There will be decrease in banking crisis and retrenchment. There shall be more

employment opportunities for our youths in the area of mining, agriculture, security, ICT, power and teaching more than ever before in the year 2017. Nigeria shall invest in agriculture in the year 2017 like never before and loans shall be given to deserving citizens.

Expect early rainfall in the year 2017 and let us pray against flood and fire disasters in Nigeria in the year 2017 because the effect will be devastating to humans and businesses.

Let the chief of staff to the president (COS) and the secretary to the government pray fervently against odium that awaits them in the early part of the year 2017.

Rotimi Amaechi…will be betrayed badly this year

The people Amaechi helped and established in the APC may destroy his relationship with Mr president in the year 2017/2018 and eventually his political fortune. Let him watch and pray against those that want to bite the finger that fed them.

Let us pray against two bomb attacks in Abuja between the months of February and June 2017. It is advised that security at the eastern, northern and western part of Abuja be made watertight. Let us pray against bombs attacks that can destroy rail lines, rail stations, airports, motor parks and seaports in Nigeria and in other nations in the year 2017.

2017 is a year of ruthless competition amongst Buhari’s serving ministers, workers in the Villa, Defence headquarters, FCT, NASS, NPA, NPF and NSCDC.

The chief of army staff (COAS) shall be elevated in the year 2017 after a fierce battle from those against his elevation.

Buhari may be within the country more in the year 2017/2018 as a result of ill health and this will make Osinbajo to be acting more for the president. Once again pray for good health for the President. Pray for governors Masari and El-rufai against medical

evacuation because I see them hurried abroad for medical treatment in the year 2017.

Presidents, governors and ministers who served from Shagari to OBJ era should pray against spirit of death in their families in the year 2017.

A new leadership of Arewa Consultative Forum will give its support to an aspiring presidential candidate of a new Democratic Party and this will bring palpable division among northern politicians.

South-south and southeast zones of the country will struggle to produce the vice Presidential candidate of the new party coming.

I foresee some junior pastors and or women lending a helping hand to Satan to fight leaders of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Dunamis, COZA and churches with their leaders named Joshua. I advise the leaders to handle any infighting with wisdom and prayers. This is a call for moral improvement among the members not an inexorable doom. The media in the year 2017 will be awash with news of the rise and fall of pastors in the world in the year 2017. It is not their portion in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Nigeria should pray against the death of the following people in the year 2017: Two former governors of northeast, northwest, north central as well as two former deputy governors, two senators and former ministers of same regions. Let their counterparts in the southern and eastern part of the country pray against accidents. Let the sitting governors of Benue, Nasarawa and Sokoto states beware of chartered flights. The governors of Taraba, Plateau, Gombe and Calabar states should guard against blood diseases while their counterparts in Ekiti, Kaduna and Niger states should be careful with polo sport, women and occultism.

The following states (Adamawa, Anambra, Bauchi, Benue, Delta, Edo, Gombe, Imo, Kaduna, Kogi, Lagos, Nasarawa, Niger, Ogun, Sokoto and Taraba) should pray against weeping and wailing in the year 2017 for their current as well as former political and military leaders.

Most of the old politicians that played prominent roles in the year 2015 elections may not be around in the year 2019. Let us remember them in our daily prayers.

2017 is a year that footballers and pastors in general (orthodox and pentecostal) that patronise and fraternise with herbalists and occultists in Nigeria shall either donate their immediate family members/rich church members to the world of darkness or lose their lives. If you are one of them kindly see a genuine deliverance pastor before it is too late.

Many churches that are not of God shall suffer misfortune in the year 2017.

Sit tight rulers and presidents should pray against death in the year 2017. Henry Okah will regain freedom soon like Ibori and they will receive a warm reception from states in the Niger Delta region. Indeed attempts at persuading president Buhari to inviting the duo to visit with him in the Aso villa will be made by some of his party members (for their own selfish political gain). The perceived enemies of the duo should be ready to be paid back in their own coin (Whoever reads, let him understand).

The spate of kidnapping for ransom shall increase in the year 2017 let us pray against the spirit of kidnapping and lust. Let us pray especially for our emirs. The Sovereign Lord has answered barren couples’ prayers; they shall testify with their babies in churches more than ever before in the year 2017.

Many divorcees including pastors in Nigeria and the world generally will remarry in the year 2017.

Adoption of orphans attracts blessings. I see breakthrough for people that adopt orphans in the year 2017.

Let the Russian and North Korean presidents both pray against ill health and attack in the year 2017. Let the president of Zimbabwe, Cameroon, The Gambia, Liberia and German chancellor as well as the King of Saudi Arabia pray against attacks.

Outgoing Gambian President Yahya Jammeh…will negotiate non prosecution

I see The Gambian president negotiating for immunity against prosecution before stepping aside.

There will be a truce between nations that had been at each others throats in fulfilment of the words of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in the book of John 17:21. Taiwan, China and North Korea shall extend a hand of friendship to the new president of America in the year 2017.

America will experience a wave of civil unrest like never before in the year 2017 making it ungovernable for the new president elect. Let them also pray against terrorist attacks and earthquakes in New York, San Diego and Los Angeles in the year 2017.

Pray against the closure of US embassies in Arab countries after Mr Trump is sworn in because it will cause tension worldwide.

Let Mr Trump watch and pray against assassination by security agents assigned to the White House between years 2018/2019. Let him pray against scandals and divorce.

Let Sweden pray against unrest in the year 2017 and beyond.

The country Turkey should pray against Isis attacks and civil war in the year 2017.

There shall be dearth of clean air, water and electricity in China in the year 2017. Commercial space voyage will commence officially in the year 2017.

Terrorists will make use of biological weapons in the year 2017 let us pray against this. 
Trump’s presidency will inspire hope in American and Russian Christian communities. However, the cordial relationship that currently exists between Putin and Trump will become sour after the latter is sworn in. Americans with relations in their security agencies should pray against CIA misfortunes as I see some of their officers assassinated in the year 2018/2019, while some will be jailed and a few will commit suicide.

Let Germany pray against having political problems similar to what USA is going through now. Let the European Union (EU) pray against becoming a war zone for the next decade and serial resignations of prime ministers.

I see Isis leaving Syria in the year 2017 for the following nations (African countries, France, Greece Italy, Rome, Spain, Turkey and UK) where they intend to cause havoc.

Let the government of these nations tighten their security, as this is a call for security improvement, not an inexorable doom.

Pray for the Vatican City against Isis attack and earthquake. Pray for good health for the Pope in the New Year.

The country India should pray against earthquake in its northern area. Let us pray for Japan against devastating earthquakes. Let Arsenal football club pray against losing its glory for I see them losing in major tournaments and their fans deserting them.

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