Why You Must Eat Amaranth Leaves.

Hauwa Maina

  By Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji     Amaranth Leaves are leafy greens that turns red when boiled, it’s a super amazing vegetable that we must include in our diet …

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Your Body Speaks

    By Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji When have you ever heard that a car breaks down on the highway without giving prior notice? or someone has a Heart attack …

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Nature And You.

By Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji Nature is God our Creator, and God is Nature. Nature brought man into existence, so there’s power in nature, a super healing power. Why then …

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Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them

Concept of Language Language is a systemic way of communication or, a means  of  passing a message to another person or being, from a human to human, or from human …

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