Chicago State University: Why AriseTV Is A Propaganda Machine, Not A News Media— Reno Omokri


On the issue of whether or not Bola Tinubu was admitted, attended, and graduated from Chicago State University and whether or not Chicago State University denied his records on the strength of a subpoena, the truth is that @ARISEtv lied. And rather than correct their lie, they kept perpetuating it as recently as two days ago, and in so doing, they were digging their own grave by perpetuating their lie.
I have all the facts of this matter because I went to Chicago State University. I did not rely on gossip from online media tainted by their support for Peter Obi. I was also in direct contact with the litigant in the current case, so I knew, sometimes before others, what was happening in court, and I spoke directly to Vanguard Newspapers, who AriseTV wrongly credited with being the source of their lie.

At no time did Chicago State University ever deny Bola Ahmed Tinubu or his certificate or assert that his certificate is fake. That was a lie perpetuated by AriseTV. And it was not fed by any act of genuine journalism. It was fed by the Napoleon Small Man Inferiority Complex of a short and very vindictive On Air Personality named Rufai Oseni, @ruffydfire, who is sponsored by @PeterObi, and who threatened to kill me in a taped conversation with my brother after I exposed him as a liar.
The lie is sustained by the owner of AriseTV, who is labouring under the false impression that his controversy fuels the ratings and viewership of his station.

I do not support Bola Tinubu. However, Bola Tinubu was admitted, attended, and graduated from Chicago State University. Contrary to what AriseTV reported, there was never a time that Chicago State University denied or refused to accept that.

And there was never a time anybody, including a lawyer named Mike Enahoro-Ebah, subpoenaed Chicago State University for their records on Bola Tinubu, and Chicago State University denied Bola Tinubu or his degree certificate.

What Chicago State University said is that they confirm that Bola Tinubu was admitted, attended, and graduated from their institution and that that Bola Tinubu is the same male human being who is now the President of Nigeria, but that they could not divulge anymore to anyone except Bola Tinubu gives his consent, or a court gives them an order.

They further affirmed in an affidavit that the current degree certificate, which Bola Tinubu tendered to the Independent National Electoral Commission, cannot be authenticated by them, because that certificate is a ceremonial replacement certificate, which is very common in America.

Nigerians may recall that on Friday, June 24, 2022, Bola Tinubu said all his academic certificates, including and especially his certificate from the University of Chicago, were stolen when unknown persons sent by the Abacha administration raided his house while he was away on exile in Europe and America.

In an affidavit, Bola Tinubu said that he:

“went on self exile from October 1994 to October 1998, when I returned and discovered that my property including all the documents relating to my qualification and my certificates in respect of paragraph 3 above, were looted by unknown persons.”

When you lose your original certificate, you can get a ceremonial replacement certificate from any number of third-party commercial vendors who will issue it to you after verifying from the original institution that you attended their school.

If you studied in the United States and want a replacement certificate, just Google these words ‘how to get a ceremonial replacement certificate.’
Any interested parties can contact Chicago State University via their phone number (+1 (773) 995-2517) and their email address ( to verify what I have written above.

AriseTV lied. And if they are sure of their claims, I challenge them to sue me in court. What they did is not investigative journalism. It is yellow journalism.

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