Praise is to Allah, the Lord of mankind, the King of mankind and the God of mankind. May His eternal unquantifiable blessings be showered upon Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

It is an interesting period of test, though very tough! “Certainly, after every hardship, is ease”(Q94:5-6). It is a disease of the respiratory organ, according to World Health Organisation (WHO), when virus passes through the nose or mouth via sneezing, coughing or yawning, it finds its way to the trachea (lung) as its resting place for a while before it begins its colossal damage by making it difficult for the victim to breath easily normally, and the devastating effects begging, after two weeks! The symptoms, according to health personnel, is headache, catarrh, weakness or feebleness, sneezing, coughing etc. The result of been tested positive is either recovering from the pandemic epidemic scourge, for this who may be lucky; or death as the two cases have been witnessed in countries such as: China, the originating source, Egypt, Italy, America, Saudi-Arabia, Nigeria amongst many other countries.

The Federal Government’s decision on total lock-down of Lagos, Ogun and FCT, Abuja, does not seem to go down well with some people, especially, the Christians and Muslims worshipers who grumble, murmur, lament and complain bitterly, should reason with the government. Even though, other states of Nigeria have embarked on the same lock down syndrome, either before or after Federal Government’s decision. However, as Muslims, we must always make reference to our Glorious Book(Al-Qur’an),and the Prophetic traditions in every current issue(s). Indeed, it is painstaking not to attend five daily congregational canonical prayer, missing Friday two Raka’ah and its soul cleansing sermon(Khutbah), observation of Shaf’i and Witr superogatory Naflah, contextual recitation of the Glorious Qur’an and many more; yet there are rulings.

Firstly, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) reiterated that: “when there is a calamitous happening, scourge, endemic or pandemic disease in town, village, or country, do not visit them, and when it occurs in your place of residence, do not go  out! The case of this dreaded COVID 19 is a typical example of what Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) had verbalized centuries back. So synonymously different is COVID 19, in that others can be infected through sneezing, coughing, yawning, handshaking, hugging, touching of faces eyes and noses. Almost all of the above are done when we attend places of prayers (Masaajid). This, however can easily be transmitted to other innocent adherents, unknowingly! Secondly, the state and Federal government never banned observation of prayers permanently in Masaajid, but temporarily for our own sake and to avoid unprecedented casualties.

Thirdly, Islam as a Religion caters and cares for humans’ lives as it advocates for preservation of souls. Behold, homicide, suicide, genocide are all grievous punishable offences in Islamic-law (Q17:33).

Fourthly, the sanitary aspects of the preventive measures are already part of what conscious Muslims do, at least five times a day. This time around, intesification of such is Paramount. No prayer is accepted by Allah except that complete cleanliness precedes that, which include washing of hands, sniffing in and out water of the nose, covering of mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing or yawning. All which can be done as we pray in the four walls of our house, pending the temporary lockdown.

On the whole, Islam is a systemic government in which governance entails leadership-followership symbiotic relationship. So long the leaders obey the Almighty, followership is a mandatory thing. Allah says: O you who believe, obey Allah and follow the Prophet; and the authorities among you, and when you dispute on a matter, refer it to  Allah a d His Prophet, if certainly you believe in Him (Allah)and the Day of Resurrection….(Q4:59).

In a situation such as this, it is better to always remember Allah as advised by Imaam Shaf’i, by chanting, boosting and glorifying His name and attributes, ask for His forgiveness through sincere repentance from all sins knowingly and unknowingly committed. Also, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) advised that in a time of adversity like this, supplications should be engaged in. Common among them is: ALLAHUMA,INII AUDHUBIKA MINAL BARASI,WAL JUNUNI,WAL JUZAAMI,WA MIN SAYYI’L ASQAAM, meaning: O my Lord, I seek refuge with You from leprosy, lunatism and from the evil of epidemic.

Nothing has advantages without disadvantages, except Allah. Yo many humans, including the writer of this piece, we detest and become scary of COVID 19, because no one wants to die. In the same vein, the presence of the disease has the following advantages:

  1. It makes us to fear God (Allah) more than ever and it accrues Him, his deserving attributes, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and the Dictator on all matters.
  2. For those who did not fear Him proportionately before, with the presence of COVID19, they now agree that there is God.
  3. Atrocities, sinful acts and crossing of boundaries have also systemically drastically reduced, killing, maiming, raping, kidnapping, fraudulent acts, money ritualism, one chance, thuggery etc.
  1. A great lesson to some of our leaders who have refused to build standard schools, good roads, portable available water, supply of epileptic electricity, and most importantly, below international standard hospitals. They have no option now rather than to get admitted into the same hospitals they refused to furbish and furnish, yet no opportunity of travelling abroad for medical attention. The warns, fear a calamity that when it erupts, it does not only affects the perpetrators…. (Q8:25)
  2. Corona virus actually bridges the gap between the rich and the poor, leaders and followers, kings and subjects, upper and lower classes etc.
  3. It is a pointer that everyone is weak and the only powerful is God, the Almighty.

Finally, Allah has tested us with an invisible phenomenon that instills fear in the whole world, not only in Nigerians, everyone feels hunger, despite the food storage, our economy has entered into bankruptcy, devalued, including the so called

Powerful sovereignty, yet thousands have gone (died), farm produce have been damaged, yet for those who believe, there is glad tidings. (Q2:155).

It is our prayer that very soon, God the Almighty will make us victorious and chase away the scourge and never shall it return.


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  1. A weldone job done by our competent journalist:Mr Ajibol Collins.Congratulations.

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    A good and timely write-up from our erudite Imam. May your pen never dry