Education, an important part of nation building – Marie David

Mrs Marie David…advocating for strong foundation in education

*Quality primary, secondary education must be guaranteed

As many countries succeed in expanding access to primary schooling, demand for quality secondary education is on the rise. The recent edition of the Global Education Digest Published by UNESCO Institute of Statistics (USI) highlights the number of children who are unable to enter secondary school. The problem is particularly acute in sub-Saharan Africa, where only around one-third of young people are able to enroll.

The Proprietress of Vantage Point Academy, Abuja stressed this during the school’s end of year gathering and Christmas carol.

“A good education provides students with everything they need to excel in their careers and life in general. Someone with a decent education is more enlightened and fulfilled with a more improved character and outlook on life. Educated people have more opportunities for advancement, with better education in; there is more opportunities for better life. The knowledge is only the beginning of the benefits to getting a good education, whether it is preliminary, secondary or college schooling.”

She emphasised that good education is the first right step to getting a better life for the youths.

“A good education is the first step to building a stable career. Employers tend to offer higher wages to employees that have better education and many more jobs are available to those with college education. Similarly, more career opportunities are open to those who commit the time and energy to furthering their education.”

According to experts, high school is all about preparing you for the “real world”. When you wonder if you will ever use the material you learn in your classes, think about the skills that you are learning not just the subject matter. Your listening, note-taking, and information processing skills will help you in so many ways when you go to college or start working on your career. Not only that, high school gives you a chance to grow up mentally, emotionally and physically.

By not staying in school, you are skipping some of the most important stages in adolescence and they are the most important ones. Growing up too quickly by propelling yourself into an adult life, will set you up for a lot of disappointment and regret if you are not lucky.

Taking the time to learn about the different things the world has to offer will help you decide what the right choices for you after graduation. Without this information and time to grow up, you may start the next stage of your life lost in the shuffle. While it may be difficult to consider future benefits when you are going through a hard time now, it’s the future that is most affected if you decide not to follow through with your education.

Mrs. David advised parents and guardians to take the education of the ward important as they are the future of the society and thereby needs quality foundation.

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