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EFCC Marathon Race:We Reduce Number Of Participant Due To Covid-19–Onuh

By Oluwole Francis


The Organizer of the EFCC marathon race Jacob Onuh said
that international Athletes, journalist, traders involvement in marathon race will help campaign of corruption restitution in country.

According to him,campaign of corruption is not for government alone,but for citizens of the country to involve to eradicate and support.

” if corruption can’t be wiped out presently in a long projectile years,our generation will recieve a crime foul of what’s happening and also what is happening in the past.

” Using this act to canvassing for return or restoration to a previous condition or position is highly recommend,” he said.

However,the objectives of this year edition,We have reduce the number of participants because we don’t want to obstruct against the COVID protocols and regulations.

” If we do what is not according to government regulation, we can’t quantified what’s going to happen.

We are satisfied with the participate that participated.we have achieve parts of our objectives set aside.

” To use marathon race perhaps preach against corruption and awareness with regards about the issues of what’s corruption have done for us as people and we gathering how we can find solution by way of marathon race and rewards.

we are using this platform which is Marathon,is like we have to be enduring,we have to keep motion and keep pushing up.

am very sure that is getting down to the grassroots by next edition, we are going to involve international Athletes to join us.

even the Market people the traders can equally be part of the whole process so we are getting there.

Marathon race is improving in Nigeria.
Alots of marathon race is everywhere now and it wasn’t like that before but we are hopefully in the nearest future we should be able to compete with the African .

and again with this platform we are empowering some family and invariably the youths.

.imparably some that can do something else, newly you know the people that emerged winner today will be richer in to empowering themselves.

one way to betterment thier family and I can see what one million naira can do in Nigeria economy today.

so that’s another angle to it the price money is for the first prizes and in addition how many people participate in this edition,I don’t have the record but from the data and from technical you can get that for the information.

But we the organizer,we try to reduce the number of participants because of the issues of COVID.the breakdown, first price is one million naira,both male and female we try to balance it.

we don’t discriminate we are gender balance .we are gender sensitive and whatever the male get the female also have it.

next year journalist participate in the competition. I wish that the journalist that will join us will have the medical.

We give God the glory for given us the opportunity to served our nation in only little ways,” he concluded

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