Eyeball Set To Change The Fortunes of Grassroot Football In Nigeria


By Olayinka Elebute


…… Gifted 9 Clubs Eyeball Cameras, Promises To Give More Clubs In Nigeria


The face of football scouting is about to change for good in Nigeria as an apps organization is about to give more opportunities for academies in the country,

Speaking with journalist in Lagos, Jordan Cipriano,  the country representatives for EYEBALL in France and Africa said his organization is Nigeria to make football scouting more easier for academies and clubs according to him ‘we are in Nigeria to give out some equipment to some clubs, and the equipment is to help them showcase their players to over hundred clubs in Europe who are our clients worldwide he said.

On Why they choose Nigeria? We are in Nigeria because many clubs are asking for footage of Nigerian players because we know the value of the players here in Nigeria, It’s a huge country with many talents. We are basically in Nigeria to give cameras to academies because it’s a huge market for our clients for them to watch the best players on the platform. We actually have Senegal, Ivory coast, Mali, Burkina Faso and many more countries on our list but our clients cannot resist the abundance young talents that are scattered all over Nigeria Jordan enthused.

Speaking further, To be honest for the moment the equipment it’s pretty new and I know that everytime I go to Africa we are very welcome. We are actually a huge actor in the football industry in Africa and we have an academy where you can see the best players in the game, you can see the highlight of every game and the players. It’s good for the academies because at the same time you have visibility and you have camera and the coaches in Europe can watch players in their natural environment for top clubs to see them.

Our client are top clubs in Europe and we have 100 clubs paying us every month to watch the games on the platform, the list is confidential but we have many clubs. We have clubs in England, France and Spain, New Amsterdam and other places and just to give you a clue the finalist at the last Champions League are part of the clubs on our list he concluded.

Uzoma Dozie...the Undertaker of Diamond Bank

On his part, the facilitator of the project in Nigeria, Idowu Ismail said he just got a call from my friend in Senegal, Diambar Senegal FC

‘A friend of mine from Senegal who works with Diambar Senegal FC called me that there is a project going on and he will like to come to Nigeria and asked if I can recommend some club which I did.He said.

On the challenges he faced getting response from clubs in Nigeria he has this to say ‘I spoke to so many clubs but few doubted because I told them the camera are free They doubted that how can a club have a camera worth millions of naira for free. They didn’t reply. Only few clubs replied. I was surprised that Beyond Limit President Hon. Kunle Soname despite being a wealthy man replied to my messages very well. As well as FC One Rocket, and Vandrasser replied me as well while others turn down the offers he continued.


Eyeball are about to sign a contract with some of the teams in the League and Abuja Elite league too. They are still working on that but City league is 100 percent sure that they will definitely get the camera for the league and Abuja Elite too.

We are also working on expanding the clubs base in Nigeria, very soon most clubs will get it in Nigeria. But For now we have just nine clubs who will get the cameras without paying anything.

The product is free of charge. If you write them they will check the profile and if the club is worth it they can contact me and we will see what next to do for the clubs

I used to tell Mr. Jordan that you can’t compare clubs because some are above others. Any club that is functioning like Team 360 I know they a re functioning very well and we check then on social media and see the number of matches they are playing every week. These are the things we look out for.

Eyeball are selling to professional clubs and the clubs are responsible for paying the subscription and they know that most African academies clubs don’t have the money to buy the cameras so they are giving it to them free of charge and there is no payment of subscription but European clubs like Madrid they pay for scouts to watch the talents. It’s for scouting. They edit individual performances and they will put information on how he plays so that European scouts can see it and that’s just the way to go Ismail concluded.

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