Governance: SERVICOM Urges Nigerians To Insist On Getting Quality Service Delivery


Nnenna Akajemeli, National Coordinator of SERVICOM has called on Nigerians to insist on getting quality service delivery at all sectors, saying that campaigning for service improvement is the agency’s focus in 2024.

Akajemeli made the call in Abuja at the End-of-Year Meeting/Awards of National Council of SERVICOM Nodal Officers across various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and its media partners.

The event is the last meeting of 2023 events by the SERVICOM to present a score card of the agency as well as the assessment of the MDAs in terms of their operational activities for 2023.

“We are here to have the last meeting for the year.

“In this meeting, we will present a score card of what we have done, the activities of the year in terms of our key operational activities to let our stakeholders know what we have achieved for the year.

“As a away forward in the coming year, we want to campaign, raising awareness around citizens standing up and insisting that they get quality service delivery from MDAs, ” Akajemeli said.

To achieve the aim, the SERVICOM CEO said the agency would explore services of media and relevant stakeholders to ensure that MDAs are up to their tasks and mandates which they were established for, so as to reach out to all Nigerians.

Speaking further on aims of awarding ceremony, Akajemeli said the medium is to serve as an opportunity to entrench a culture of service excellence, encourage healthy competition among the Ministerial Service Units (MSUs) by promoting its functionality/customer service satisfaction.

Other objectives she explained were to hold government more accountable to the Nigerian citizens, to promote best practice in service delivery, adding that it is what SERVICOM preaches hence, it has to lead by example.

“We have three categories of awardees to include CEOs who stand out in owning the process of service improvement, in committing to ensuring that people are served right.

“The second category is for the Ministerial/Parastatal SERVICOM Unit and the third category is the leadership and the personnel driving our foot soldiers, who are driving this improvement in various MDAs, ” she said.

In her comments, Dr Jumai Ahmadu, Ag. Director, Reforms Coordination and Service Improvement department, Federal Capital Territory Administration, lauded SERVICOM awarding initiative.

Ahmadu added that the event was the demonstration of SERVICOM efforts and commitment to ensure that Nigerians get the best of services

“This event is what we need as a people, as service provider so that we can motivate people as well as encouraging those who don’t take their services seriously in their respective MDAs to do so, because we are employed to serve as public servants.

“Our prime responsibility is to ensure that an average Nigerians get the best of service because we are paid to do that, ” she advised.

Also, Mrs Tariundu Ndoni, Nodal Officer, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), expressed excitement on the award.

Ndoni, who received the best Nodal Officer’s award, described it as the symbol of accomplishment and also a promise of committed continuous service delivery in years to come.

“Today, I am most grateful for the award given to me as the overall Nodal best officer in 2023. I am most humbled and honoured because it is the recognition of the commitment and dedication of a shared goal of the management of NITDA as well as SERVICOM, ” she said.

The highlights of the event includes presentation of awards to best Nodal Officers, their respective MDAs as well as SERVICOM media partners.

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