Gumel’s Repugnant Achievments And His Balablu Defence


I have read the various praise singing articles in favour of the failed Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) President,Engr.Habu Gumel, as these sponsored articles can be best described as balablu blu blu bulaba(apology to BAT).

A simple definition of failure is “the neglect or omission of expected or required action.” And the argument of trying trying to bring his professional career being engineering to his role in administering sports in Nigeria is best described as “Red Herring”(an argument that uses confusion or distraction to shift attention away from a topic and toward a false conclusion).

The main function of the NOC is to promote the fundamental principles and values of Olympism in their countries, in particular in the fields of sport and education.Unfortunately,nothing can be said of this.

Another role of the NOC is nomination of interested hosts as candidates for future Olympic Games.Unfortunately,we couldn’t lobby to get the hosting right for the Youth Olympic.

The NOC is still financial handicapped;despite the enormous financial potentials,but it still have to depend on the Federal Ministry of Sports for handouts.

Engr.Gumel may be a very successful civil engineer,but the obvious fact as a sports administrator, he has failed,as his balablu defence is nothing but a comical relief.

by Sylvanus Ofekun.

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