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I Will Support Karate Federation To International Podium-Kazuyoshi, Japanese Ambassador


Oluwole Francis

The Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria Matsunaga Kazuyoshi says their coming to the Karate Federation of Nigeria (KFN ) is to give Nigeria an Olympic Medal in the future.

Kazuyoshi said this on Friday while addressing the Newsmen at the opening ceremony of the Maiden edition of Japanese Ambassador’s karate tournament.

According to him, the reason I am organizing the tournament with the Karate Federation is because I want to support Nigerian karate athletes so they can be ready to participate in the next Olympic Games.

“ I think that there is a great interest in Nigeria. We are enhancing bilateral relationship through sporting karate.

“ I plan to contribute to the promotion of Karate Federation So we will be hosting many more events we will continue in our donation to the students and practitioner of karate.

“ We also plan on organizing training for karate coaches and the referees in the future.

“ I hope that trained karate practitioner will boost human capital in the society and contribute to further economic development and grassroots democratic in Nigeria,” he said.

hispart, the President of Karate Federation Nigeria,Silas Agara, said he appreciated the Japanese government’s through the Ambassador to Nigeria for this wonderful presentation that is coming through the Japanese government to support karate in Nigeria.

“ This is the first edition, the Japanese ambassador championship in Nigeria.

“ It had been on the pipeline for over eight years and we were unable to realize that vision.

” I’m happy with the turnout of the athlete from various state here. I’m happy with the presence of the ambassadors.

“ The commitment shown by the Embassy to promote sports in Nigeria, especially karate.

“ I believe that this is what we need to turn around karate in Nigeria with the collaboration of the Embassy.

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“I’m quite sure that the athlete will return to glory and we will see a karate having an upward in terms of championship.

“I believe. that Nigeria will witnessed what the embassy will do not just to karate but to other combatant Sport In Nigeria,” he said.

He however added that the continuity of the Championships as promised by the Embassy was going to be an annual championship.

“We have decided to make the championship a ranking event so that it will make it seven event rankings in Nigeria,” he said.

The first edition of Japanese Ambassador’s karate tournament.

About 17 states , seven Parastatals and three clubs are participating in the ongoing competition.

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