Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them


In any situation one finds oneself, appreciating the Almighty Allah (God) is very essential. When one appreciates the Creator without similitude, He blesses with three out of many others: He blesses the good thing one has achieved, He is happy with the creature; and the appreciation put forward to Him remains a license to getting many others.

Praise is He who, despite all these melancholic mishaps, He has exempted you and I from all without apportioning any of those to us. We have travelled safely without a hitch, we eat and drink despite the difficulties in making ends to meet, we are able to place our heads above the undulation nature of our economy, no hospital bills await us, Corona’s tentacles was never spread to us despite its agony that consumed countless souls, enemies’ enmities did not consume us and so many other dejected conditions.

So, which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (Q55:28). As for those who were affected by the above mentioned ills, it is our strong prayers that they shall, in no distance time, overcome their various challenges. The festival of ram (Eid-al-Adha) that has been precipitated by the action of mounting the Arafah by the pilgrims, remains Muslims’ annual felicitating period, the period of sober reflection, the period of appreciation to the Almighty Allah (God), a period to give more thanks, a period to show love, care, sympathy; and a period of sharing to all and sundry irrespective of religion, language, culture,or any other seeming human barriers.

The exercise is a conjoined and combined activities of some of the Prophets and Messengers of Allah (AS), but under the auspicious decree of their and our Omniscient God. Prophets Ibraheem (Abraham) and Ibraheem’s wife(Sarah), Isma’il (Ishmel); and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Other inanimate objects that are involved in the process of the festival include: Ka’bah (the sacrilegious House of Allah) and its circumambulating exercise,(Tawwaf); Zamzam (holy water),shuttling, walking and jogging between Safa and Marwa (Sa’hyu), observation of a two Raka’h supererogatory prayers, use of white loin by all pilgrims, shaving, scrapping or barbing of hairs by all  male  pilgrims, while cutting, or plugging out small hairs is done by all female pilgrims as well.

Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them

Other activities are, staying at Munna for a number of days, passing a night at Muzdalifah, on a plain ground, where heads cannot be veiled (by men only) and no mosquito must suffer mascre; walking a very long endurance (treck), to Jamrah for stoning and slaughtering of sacrificial animals.

Sacrificing animals by the pilgrims is compulsory, without which a penalty of fasting for three days is a must do while on journey, and seven at arrival. But for non-pilgrims, who are in their various home countries, fasting is enjoined for unquantifiable bountiful blessings of Allah, but certainly not mandatory. It should be noted promptly here that slaughtering of scarificial animals for is not compulsory for non-pilgrims.

Every tenth of the month of Zul-Hijah, Muslims, worldwide will converge at the Eid Masaajid (Mosques) to observe a two Raka’h supererogatory prayers and they listen to the sermon delivered by the Imaams, l. The Imaam of every Eid, slaughters his animal as the congregation observe; while they all return to their various homes, chanting and boosting the names and titles of their Creator. For those who are able to purchase their sacrificial animals, they will then as they witnessed their Imaam’s did. It is interesting to know that the acceptable animals for this exercise are: Cows, Rams, Sheep, and Camels. For cows and camels, a group of Muslims can join to purchase one, for Allah does not burden/charge anyone with any incapacitation…. (Q2:286).

There is love in sharing! Islam mandates that the animal shall be divided into three, only 1/3 shall be consumed by the owner and his family, another part for the visitors, guests and those who may come to ask, the last portion will be given to the poor and indigents around. Someone may want to ask, can we give to non- Muslims, yes, of course and why not. Islam advocates cordials, good relationship and warm reception with all and sundry but so painfully that some ignorant and those who lack the real understanding of Islam claim otherwise, for only God knows selfish interest wrapped with atrium motives.

Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them

Below are therefore the impeccable leers of the festival:

(1)It is a period of sober reflection on how so much Prophet Ibraheem struggled and stressed himself in order to quench the thirsty condition, both his wife and son found themselves in a desert land.

(2) Ibraheem’s wife struggled as well to make her baby comfortable

(3) Their baby, Isma’il, is a special miracle from Allah, for his hills he used in hitting the soil provided the Holy water, the water that turns to solution provider for those who believe in God and the unique fountain.

(4)All Prophets and Messengers of God are but one from one source, who preached the same gospel message of oneness, righteousness, goodness, unity, equity, justice, uprightness, sincerity, honesty, mercy, forgiveness etc. Have we ever read in any history that the Prophets and Messengers once condemned each other, or one another? Why are we condemning one or some of them? They were all sent by the Almighty God and they were consanguineously related. Why will you and I need to crucify, condemn, blaspheme, bad-mouth, tongue lash and abuse ourselves, our God, and the Prophets?

(5)Sharing of animals is a sign of love

(6) it is a festival that preaches unity in diversity and showing sympathy to the peasants and less privileged members of the family and friends.

(7)It is a period to appreciate God for reversing His decision, as He replaced human sacrifice with animal sacrifice. That tells us that human being who use other human beings for sacrifice are Godless, faithless and full of infidelities. He who kills shall be killed is a great philosophy of life as one who Spears other’s life shall have his/hers speared.

(8) Ibraheem (AS) never lost any hope as there is no barren in Allah’s dictionary, especially when He wishes to give.

(9)We must consent to one fact, most animals are powerful and can  dangerous disarm human beings if not for His wisdom with it that He blesses humans above animals and that is the simple reason why we are able to subdue them.

(10)No animal’s life should be taken except with the mentioning of Allah’s name.

(11)Rich and poor Muslims operate on equity basis. As the rich slaughter their animals, they have to look for the poor to eat with them. We all go to the same praying ground, all standing at the same time, prostrating, bowing and terminating prayer at the same time, no class, no status and no segregation.

The medium should therefore be used as a means of reevaluating ourselves as members of the same nation to fulfill our promises and covenants, especially our leaders, at all levels, who have promised heaven and Earth before and during campaign and elections. For, every promise made, shall surely be accounted for, and no excuse will be considered genuine. Also, couples should fulfill their promises to themselves, their children and other concerned persons.

Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them

Negligence and unfulfilled promises may lead to rift, disgruntled minds, avenge, riot, unrest, war and a great disarray. A Nigerian musician who was full of sense and wisdom once said:”Musulumi Aye ta’ko tabo ejekama ma’dehun wase.” Meaning, all Muslims globally, it is incumbent on us to fulfill our promises. If leaders and the led fulfill their promises, the universe will be a better place for all. Will you promise to fulfill your promise, henceforth?! Happy Eid Al Ad’ha to all!



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