Iorfa Still Playing To The Gallery



James Shamange

You don’t need to be in the media for mundane reasons to attract the attention of your employer, especially if your outings are misplaced.

Lobi Stars is not an agency of Ministry of sports. By the standard set by the world football government body, the football club is a limited liability company which is expected to be independent of Government. However, since the club is wholly funded by the government, it is now an agency in the Benue State Government House.

Few weeks ago, after every of Iorfa’s efforts to have audience with Governor Hyacinth Alia failed, he quickly devised a strategy by shamelessly smuggling himself to be a part of the Ministry of sports’ delegation that met with the Governor for ministerial briefing. He then used the opportunity to snap pictures with the Governor which later flooded the social media space. It was no doubt a ploy to mislead the gullible into believing that the Governor had approved for him to continue as Vice-chairman of Lobi Stars. Even the Permanent Secretary and the Director of Sports on whose backs he rode to meet with the Governor never celebrated the visit in the manner he did.

The other day, he flooded the social media with a letter of invitation from CAF to join a virtual meeting (online meeting). The same letter was sent to all other chairmen of premier league clubs in Africa for the formation of an African Clubs Association, which is similar to the NPFL Club Owners Association in Nigeria. Funny enough, the same letter which was directed to all clubs making chairmen as default invitees was quickly turned into a tool for propaganda by Iorfa. He branded it as CAF’s recognition of his personality and influence in African football. There is nothing that can be farther from the truth than this egoistic expedition.

And just yesterday, Iorfa took his antics a step further as he flooded the social media space with pictures he had taken with the Benue Commissioner of Sports, Hon. Terkimbi Ikyange, during their visit to the Nasarawa State Commissioner of Sports and the new Minister of Sports, Senator John Enoh, in Abuja. And I asked, of what significance is the visit to the minister to Iorfa and the Benue state commissioner for sports? What relationship does Iorfa and Lobi Stars officially have with the Federal Ministry of Sports? Isn’t Iorfa just catching cruise with Hon. Ikyange simply because they are ‘brothers’ from Ukan?

As a man who likes to wallow in his ignorance, Iorfa is probably thinking that his nonsensical occupation of the cyber space will make the Governor to believe he is highly connected. Unfortunately, he is foolishly biting his nose to spit his face because based on Federal Character principle, he was knocked off his position the day Hon. Ikyange, an Ushongo man like him, was appointed as Commissioner of Sports.

Iorfa is definitely living in a fool’s paradise by playing to the gallery with inconsequential outings that look more of busy-body displays. Governor Alia is too exposed to be attracted and mesmerized by vain outings that can never change the character of Iorfa to make him responsible enough for any public office.

No amount of rainfall can wash away the spots on a leopard’s skin.

James Shamange

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