James Ibori as a metaphor

Ibori James…Just released from prison, to join APC or PDP?

According to media report, former Governor James Ononafe Ibori, whose identity was an unresolved mystery in Nigeria before he was  found guilty of fraud and stealing by the British court and sent to jail afterwards has completed his jail term and has been freed accordingly.

Good luck to ex-convict James Ibori. Now that Ibori has graduated from British plenipotentiary, we await his entry into either APC or PDP!

My guess is that Ibori may probably enlist in APC. Ibori did the crime and he has done the time. Good for him. This is how it should be.

A functional society is one where criminals pay the price for criminal conduct and not where criminals are rewarded with political appointments. Enough on James Ibori, the ex-convict. The focus here is on the numerous James Iboris littering Nigeria’s political space.

How will Nigeria ensure that these other James Iboris currently presiding over the affairs of Nigeria in elective and appointive capacities pay the price for their criminal activities against the Nigerian State?

There are several James Iboris in Nigeria today who should be in jail but who are yet to be rewarded for their criminality against the Nigerian State. They are in PDP. And they are in APC. They are in Saraki’s Senate. They also exist in Dogara’s House of Representatives.

They are there perverting justice. If they are not  battling with Code of Conduct Bureau,  they are busy padding budgets.

They are there in Buhari’s executive. If they are not involved in MTN bribe taking episode, they are there formulating computer simulated grass cutting algorithm.

They are in the judiciary merchandising judgements at the expense of justice.

They are there on the bench. The have their collaborators at the bar. Yes, they are there sipping assorted but accursed  wine of injustice, compromise, and double speak.

They are in the bureaucracy. They are there as rent seekers and ten percenters.

They are in the media – mainstream and new media. They are there feeding fat on padded brown envelopes. They are there feeding on the proceeds of corruption as merchants of falsehood.

Oh yes, they are in the police. And they are in the armed forces. They exist in other paramilitary agencies as well. They are in DSS and they are in EFCC.

They are in the Nigerian Army as snail farmers and as ‘prudent’ public servants.

They are everywhere. These thieves are in charge at both the state and local government levels.

They are in the civil society. They are in the corporate sector as surrogates of the political elite.

And of course they are there as leaders of faith organizations giving support to the corrupt and thieves in government.

And before you say that is all, please be reminded that they are in palaces as custodians of our customs and traditions.

They are there as Obis, Obas, and Emirs. They operate behind the scene. Indeed they are the powers behind the throne. They are traditional rulers in  the day and political dealers at night.

They are mighty and they are powerful. They are rich and they are influential. They may not vote but they oftentimes influence who get elected and who doesn’t.

And so the question is: when and how will these James Iboris pay for the crimes they have committed  against the Nigerian State?

Just when? And how?

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