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Kucheza Esports Ignites Lagos Schools

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The familiar concrete walls of Lagos State public school halls again echoed with the voices of young minds, but this time, not singing hymns or reciting poems, it’s alive with the rapid-fire clicks of controllers and the triumphant shouts of gamers. That was the scene at Lagos City College, Yaba, recently, where seven public schools,eight dedicated teachers, and over 45 students from the vibrant Lagos State Education District IV faced off in an epic inter school Esports tournament hosted by Kucheza Gaming.

The EA FC Tournament and the All-Female Mario Kart Racing Tournament took center stage, transforming the air into a whirlwind of virtual battles and close calls. And amidst this intense display of skill, 33 talented female participants shone bright, showcasing their prowess alongside their male counterparts.


Their dedication and competitive spirit helped set the tone for a diverse and inclusive gaming community, proving that the world of esports belongs to everyone.
Students poured their hearts into each match, their faces glued to screens, fingers dancing across controllers. The cheers of their classmates amplified the excitement, turning the hall into a buzzing hive of adrenaline and sportsmanship.

For Kucheza this wasn’t just about playing video games, it was about unlocking the educational and economic value of video games.

“Through gaming, students increase their ability to compete, work in teams, nurture talent, interact with the gaming industry mentors and be part of an inclusive community,” says Justine Ogbekile, Kucheza’s Esports Product Manager.

As the dust settled, champions were crowned, their faces beaming with pride. But beyond the trophies, the tournament created something more powerful – a connection between schools, a shared love for gaming, and a glimpse into a future where esports thrives in classrooms.

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