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Mental Strength Guarantees You Podium Finish At The Olympics…. Madojiemu 


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As AthIetes commence preparations for the new season in Abuja, ex-International and Olympian Princess Mabel Madojiemu has offered a few tips to athletes planning to participate and achieve success at the Africa and 2024 Olympic Games in Paris France in August.


The ebullent quarter-miler advised AthIetes on training plans, strength building and etc.

“As an athlete, preparing for competitions in an Olympic year requires a well-structured training plan that focuses on building strength, endurance, and skills, mental preparation,

back then, athletes often participate in qualifying events and camps to ensure being on top form for the Olympic Games”

AthIetes, She noted, must aspire to make the Olympic Team following its numerous advantages.
Madojiemu insisted that Olympics appearance means a lot to an athlete later in life as it is a key that would unlock many doors.

“An appearance at the Olympics is a dream come true for any athlete. It represents the years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. It is an opportunity to compete against the best athletes in the world and showcase your skills on the global stage. Olympic participation not only brings pride but also opens doors to new opportunities, recognition, and the potential to inspire others through achievements”.
The Princess of Igueben Kingdom in Edo State reminded coaches of the vital roles they have to play for AthIetes under their care to succeed at the Games.

“Coaches play a vital role in athletes preparation for competitions. They provide guidance, develop training plans, monitor their progress, motivation, and mental conditioning to ensure athletes are mentally and physically prepared for competition.
Most AthIetes wait for money before they plan their training, that’s a wrong move as time waits for no one.

“We athletes understand the importance of consistent training regardless of financial circumstances. Government often seek for funding to support athletes, our training and competition expenses. Some of us were employed by state government . We were very dedicated to our sport, and will always find ways to train even when financial resources are limited,”

Every athIete is expected to be focused to make the Olympic team, because putting money ahead of preparations may cost you your place in the Olympic Team, therefore, total focus is advised, she stated.


Interestingly, athIetes are expected to have high hopes and expectations as it motivate them to accomplish their aim at the Games. Their level of training, preparations and performance would push their level of expectations towards success.


“We athletes always have a high expectations for ourselves. strive to improve our performance, set personal records, and achieve your best results”,
The Australia-based former athIete opined that preparations for Games and competitions in an Olympic year is tough and calls for total sacrifice and discipline on the part of AthIetes who takes all the blame for failure and enjoy the praises for success.

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