Nigeria Need Six National Teams, Coach By Our Local Coaches….. Shehu Sani

By Olayinka Elebute
Former Senator representing Kaduna State, Senator Shehu Sani is of the opinion that the Nigeria need more than one National team team to bring out the best for the country.
While speaking with the media the social critic said one national team can not give us what we need to have as a country with so much talents all over the country.
“For me and from the stories I have heard that almost 80% of their players are from the local league that is very good and to me i believe we have talents we have super stars who can do better in bott continental and global championship we need to sit down and study what went wrong because in most of the matches i  can simply say most times we are lucky you can check and compare these Super Eagles we had in the past. He said
According to him, ” I will give a radical solution to  Nigeria football which will be the solution to our football,  we should have six National coaches which each of the coaches will select 24 players, let have six National teams and then those six National teams should will  now play against each others and then we will now select the best out of them.
A situation where you have one national coach, where everyone looks unto him and put pressure on him and the  decision of who plays begins and end with him thats what Breeds corruption.
There has been allegations that people who were selected to play for Nigeria were actually people who a deal were strike behind the scenes with the National teams coach, he said.
Speaking further, for me if we are to have the best of Nigeria football let us have six coaches and each of the coaches should invite 24 players, they should have a camp in Abuja, another national coach should be in Lagos, while another national coach should be able In Port Harcourt, one should be in Enugu, while another one should be in Kaduna,  each one should select Super Eagles players at the end of the day let us play a match and select the best out of them.
Nigeria will provide the best, and Nigeria have the mentality that simply because you have gone out of the country and you play for one team or the other outside the country and when you bring them here they will not demonstrate the kind of patriotism the player from the local league has.
Continuing, I want a situation were we will go back to the grassroots and select people base on talents and commitment with these we are guaranteed of the best players from the local league that can give us a bit of what we have in the past,  the Senator proposes.

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