*threatens legal action for environmental hazard


By Collins Ajibola

A Non-Governmental Organization, The Mona Audu Foundation has condemned the continuos neglect of the people of Obajana in Kogi state, host community of the Dangote Cement factory in Kogi State.

The Organization in a press statement,  signed by the President, Princess Zahrah Mustapha Audu, accused Alhaji Dangote, owner Obajana Cement factory, a part of the Dangote Plc, of spewing fumes into the environment for over a decade thereby putting the lives of the people of Obajana and Kogi state by extension at risk.

Princess Zahrah Mustapha Audu

“The world refers to him as Africa’s richest man; he makes his money from Kogi State, one of the most impoverished states in Nigeria. He has been spewing fumes and greenhouse gases into the environment for over a decade, thereby raising the temperature of the Lokaja – Obajana Area a great deal and making it a long term health risk and a potential looming environmental disaster for residents and future generations.”

“He has the largest carbon footprint in Africa. He has destroyed the communities of Okaba/Odagbo in Ankpa where he mines coal to power his factories.”

Princess Zahra lamented the deteriorating health status of the residents.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote

“The residents have begun to develop health issues ranging from eye problems to respiratory difficulties due to the poor mining methods applied in harnessing the coal for powering his factory. This is a double whammy as the Covid 19 Corona Virus attacks the respiratory system in human beings.”

On the state of the deplorable roads across the state, she expressed her sadness over the negligence of Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

“The Dangote trucks have completely destroyed the road infrastructure in Kogi State from Okaba/Odagbo in Ankpa to Itobe to Ajeokuta and its bridge through to Okene/Lokoja to Obajana, due to the overturned trucks to pot holes to huge number of deaths due to trucking accidents.”

“With no significant investments in these communities, he continues to exploit our people and resources.”

“It is shambolic to see the efforts being put towards the Covid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic relief effort as the money seems to be recycled, donated and then used to purchase food items from his companies and affiliates.”

“He is creating monopolies in many sectors especially the food industry where his entry into each sectors renders other businesses obsolete, as they cannot compete; this is something the Nigerian Federal Government should look into.

He is a continuous friend of every government, good or bad, APC or PDP without ever speaking out on what is either good or bad for Nigerians and especially Kogites. He is a friend to all simply for his own personal benefit.”

She further stated that the foundation will be taking a legal action against Alhaji Aliko Dangote and his company Dangote Plc for lack of environmental protection measures.

“The Mona Audu Foundation will be instituting a lawsuit against Alhaji Aliko Dangote and his companies on behalf of the great people of Kogi State, especially those in Okaba/Odagbo in Ankpa and Obajana for the wanton destruction and exploitation of its resources, the environment, its people, its infrastructure and lack of employment opportunities for indigenes and residents of Kogi State.”

“We will also be seeking foreign redress for our people.”

“One can ask what exactly has Aladded Aliko Dangote done for the people of Kogi State prior to the pandemic, during the pandemic and what are his future plans for the people of Kogi State? Will it be continued exploitation as is going on right now, will he continue to destroy our infrastructure, livelihood, environment and health or will the courts force him to be more humane to the people of Kogi state where he makes all his money from.” She added.

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