ONDO 2024: I will Revitalize the Educational Sector In 12months…..Dr Soji Ehinlanwo 

By Our Reporter


My administration will make significant efforts to promote educational advancement, the government, in collaboration with various stakeholders, will implement several initiatives to improve the quality of education in the state.

One of the key areas of my focus will be on infrastructural development.

Many schools will undergo renovation and expansion, providing students with better learning environments. Additionally, my tenure will invest in the construction of new schools, especially in remote areas, to ensure access to quality and affordable education.

To enhance the quality of teaching, I will prioritize teacher training and professional development programs. These initiatives will aim to equip teachers with modern teaching methods and pedagogical techniques, enabling them to deliver quality education to their students.

According to APC Governorship aspirant “My government will also emphasize curriculum development and revision. Efforts will be made to align the curriculum with current educational trends and ensure its relevance to the needs of students in today’s world. This includes incorporating subjects such as computer science, entrepreneurship, and vocational skills training” he said

Furthermore, My administration will embrace the use of technology in education. Schools will be equipped with computer laboratories and internet connectivity, enabling students to access digital resources and enhance their learning experiences. E-learning platforms and educational apps will also be utilized to supplement classroom teaching and promote independent learning.

To encourage student participation and engagement, various extra-curricular activities such as sports, debates, and cultural events will be organized at the state and local levels. These activities will not only foster holistic development but also provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents and skills.

Our administration will collaborate with various stakeholders to build 18 libraries in each local government of ondo state to be properly managed by the Ministry of Education to enhance learning.

Overall, the educational advancement that will be put in place in Ondo State will be as a result of collaborative efforts from the government, educators, parents, and the community. By prioritizing infrastructure development, teacher training, curriculum improvement, technology integration, and co-curricular activities, these initiatives would aim to provide a comprehensive and quality education for all students in our Sunshine state. He concluded.

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