Plateau FA Election Get October 19 Date

By Joshuab

The stage is set for the upcoming Plateau Football Association (PFA) election, significant progress has been made in the election of delegates and candidates.

According to the electoral committee, the election scheduled for the 19th of October 2023, promises to be a pivotal moment for the future of football in the state.

The first phase of the election process saw the successful conclusion of the election of 17 local government chairmen who will serve as delegates. These chairmen, representing their respective local government areas, have been duly elected to participate in the state election. Additionally, seven affiliate members have been chosen to join the delegates and all list have been sent to Abuja, in preparation for the election.

In a preliminary report, the chairman delegates have shared their insights on the upcoming election and submitted the list of aspiring candidates to the authorities in Abuja, this crucial step ensures transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Several key positions within the PFA have already been determined as uncontested. Honorable Suleiman Yahaya-Kwande is the sole candidate for the state chairmanship position. Likewise, Ezra Godit and Habu Pakwai are running unopposed for the first and second vice chairman positions, respectively.

These uncontested positions reflect the confidence and support these candidates have garnered from their peers.

However, the race for the chairman of the local government chairmen is also going unopposed, with Mr. Don Maren vying for the position.

Furthermore, the election will be conducted among eight other candidates who are running for positions as members of the Plateau Football Association board which six will be elected. These individuals bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the table, and their campaigns will undoubtedly focus on their vision for the development and growth of football in the state.

As the election date approaches, football enthusiasts and stakeholders eagerly await the outcome of this crucial event. The elected officials will bear the responsibility of driving the sport forward, fostering talent development, and enhancing the overall football ecosystem in Plateau State.

With the stage set for a competitive and transformative election, all eyes will be on the Plateau Football Association as it determines its leadership for the coming years. The elected officials will have the opportunity to shape the future of football in the state and contribute to the broader Nigerian football landscape.

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