President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

Racism: ‘We don’t want Nigerians in our country’ – South Africans

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria…matters arising

*South Africans too should leave Nigeria for their country – Group

Following the brutal murder of a Nigerian resident in South Africa by the police on suspicion of being a drug peddler, some of the country’s citizens have come out in support of its police, saying they do not want Nigerians in their country.

In reaction, a Nigeria group, “Send South Africans Back home” led by Chibuzor Emeka Nwaneri in a statement has asked the Nigerian government to ask all South Africans in our country to leave for their country with their businesses.

The one-page document said, “if they attack any Nigerian in their country again, we will be forced to bring down their people and businesses in Nigeria. It was the blood and money of Nigerians we used in liberating their country and now they are turning against us. This is unacceptable. Our government need to turn a diplomatic eye to this conduct.”

Despite the fact that Nigeria was at the forefront of fighting for the liberation of South Africa from its apartheid masters, the citizens think that Nigerians should be sent packing because they are criminals, drug barons, armed robbers and kidnappers.

Taking to the social media after the murder of Victor Tochukwu Nnadi by the SA police, some South Africans believe Nigerians are not wanted in their country.

One Lucki Lucky wrote this: “What was he doing in SA? Nigerians must get out of South Africa. These criminals are hated and unwanted here and that will NEVER change. Nigerians are the seed of Satan. There is not going to be any kind of friendship between Nigerians and South Africans. Will Nigerians ever put it in the tiny skulls that South Africans hate them?

Anyway, which nation in the world like Nigerians? Nigerians are hated all over the world. In China, they slit their throats and in Brazil, they cut their stomachs open and leave them for dead. We don’t need Africans, Middle Easterns and Asians in the country.”

Dube Mtulenga wrote: “Why can’t Nigerians stay back in their country? I wonder what they want in South Africa. Many of them come into our country illegally and are often the perpetrators of crimes like robbery, rape, gang fighting, drug trafficking, among others in our communities.

If it takes killing them all one after the other, so be it. We don’t want them polluting our land. They should go back to their stupid country.”

Karen Rethabile also wrote: “In my own opinion, very few South Africans love Nigerians and they know this very well. They come into our country, steal our money, sell drugs to our people, corrupt our young men and treat our women as prostitutes.

We don’t want them and they should go back to their corruption-infested country.”

Sibuso Kunene wrote: “Nigerians are thieving, conniving bastards and should not even be allowed to enter South Africa. All they know is sell drugs, rape, kidnap and rob us while our policemen are not helping matters at all.

More of the idiots should be killed to send a message to them that they are not welcome here.”

For how long will Nigerians be disrespected, maimed, killed and insulted by their South African hosts while the government back home sits comfortably doing nothing? This is the big question that needs answers immediately said the Nigerian group that has promised to lead the campaign for a diplomatic impasse with the South African nation on the saftey of our citizens in that country.



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